Lemon Croissants

Sometimes people introduce new food combinations – chocolate bubble gum! Ketchup potato chips! Peppermint steak! – that inspire more questions than fans. In first hearing about lemon croissants, I wasn’t so sure where the blend fell on the yum to yikes continuum.Then, a visit to Beyond Bread won me over.

I was actually in search of the old Transilvania Bakery, with its famed wood oven and naturally leavened bread. People used to line up for the fresh ‘peasant’ loaves, which could be sold out by noon. As it turns out, the little bakery with the ransom-note lettering closed in 2010. What I found instead was Beyond Bread. Fittingly, Transilvania’s Florin Moldovan was initially associated with this newer bakery at 4th and Alma.

The peasant baguettes and breads can still be found at Beyond Bread. But, the old standards are now sharing shelf space with new treats, like the crispy lemon croissant. The bakers have infused the croissant dough with lemon juice and oil. They have also added zest to the butter and the result is subtle and surprising.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton