Rodney Graham’s Limeade Pie

When Liberty Bakery on Main closed, there was some panic. It was a neighbourhood fixture, a reliable place to dash in for a sweet treat. Gunnar and Liberty Gustafson had run their family bakery for years and years. Closed for renovations, the sign said, but the closure dragged on. Was that it? Was Liberty Bakery gone for good?

Thankfully not. With the Gustafsons retired, the Liberty Bakery has new owners. One of Vancouver’s best known artists – Rodney Graham – sits atop the ownership list. He is taking on this new venture with fellow artists Shannon Oksanen and Scott Livingstone. The trio teased the neighbourhood with a pop-up bakery preview in March. Now, thankfully, Liberty is fully open and graced with deliciously curated treats.

The baking area is open for all to see and the seating up front is charming and comfortable with a full view of the goings-on at Main.

liberty counter

liberty inside

Liberty Bakery’s multi-coloured meringue kisses are the perfect bite and sit happily atop their addictive limeade pie. Their crispy, chewy sprinkle slices are comprised of mille-feuille, cereal milk créme diplomat and sprinkles. Liberty’s double-layer brownies with the peanut butter buttercream centre demand a comfy seat and utter silence.

sprinkle slices



Written by  Elizabeth Newton


Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton