Lori Nix + Dan Dubowitz. Spaces

‘I don’t really have a death wish,’ says artist Lori Nix, ‘it just seems that way.’

For more than a decade, Nix’s photographs have focused on fictional landscapes after something dire has happened. ‘An aquarium after a flood, a church after a fire, a beauty parlor after…who knows what. Mankind is gone and what remains are vacant fragments of buildings, a few slowly being reclaimed by nature.’

Nix’s post-destruction lens is, she explains, shaped by a 1970s childhood rooted in rural Western Kansas. ‘Every season brought with it a new disaster or weather phenomenon. As a child I personally experienced tornados, floods, blizzards and drought’.

The first step in Nix’s photograph process is hand-building dioramas from wood, plaster, foam board and paint. ‘Because my work features a model and not a real place’, Nix continues, ‘it creates a safe space to think about these larger ideas of disaster. Devoid of people, these spaces become meditative and full of possibilities’.

From February 5th to 19th, we have the opportunity to see Nix’s work – along with  that of Dan Dubowitz  – in the ‘Spaces’ exhibit at Bau-Xi Photo Gallery in Toronto. For those of us not in Toronto, the pieces are available to view online.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of Nix’s work:



Lori Nix. Violin Repair Shop


Lori Nix. Laundromat


Lori Nix. Mall


Spaces Exhibit @ Bau-Xi Photo Gallery Toronto

Header: Lori Nix. Beauty Shop



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