Love Your Beans

“You’re not going to do something that foolish, are you?”

“Ya, I am,” said Montreal-born artist Cosimo Cavallaro, when being challenged about his Jelly Bean series. “All I want to do at the end of it is laugh. I want to have a laugh, you know?”

Let’s hope, Cavallaro adds, that the beans amuse visitors too. “If someone could walk into that show – a kid, whatever – and laugh, have a chuckle, then something real happened.”

In this Eric Minh Swenson short, we see Cavallaro building beans for the Voluminosity sculpture exhibition.

When you are walking along Vancouver’s Charleson Park sea wall, you’ll see kids, dogs and adults playing around Cavallaro’s Fibreglass resin Love Your Beans sculptures. It is hard not to veer off the path and up the hill to check out the giant beans for yourself.


‘The sculptures in Love Your Beans break the boundaries that exist between objects and humans, ‘ says Cavallaro. “They compel one to touch them, crossing borders when you allow yourself to be led by your senses. Love Your Beans is a simple shape that is easily understood as a womb, a place of comfort where one seeks solace.’

Here we have Ze Frank’s much-watched video on how we spend our lives, shaped and counted out in jelly beans.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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