Lynn Sea

i. I have worked as a potter for Red Pot Pottery for 20 years now. 

ii. Personal qualities that help in my work are:
I always make sure my work is evolving. All my work is unique and one of a kind, but every year, I try to make something new and different from my old work. I always seek new inspirations and keep a notepad on me at all times for when inspiration strikes. Going to different art galleries once every few months is also very inspiring. Every few years I go to NY making sure to see new work at Moma and Guggenheim. It gives a different perspective and also it’s another outlet for my creativity to flow.

iii. The greatest challenges around doing this work are:
Marrying the business aspects with the artistic side and staying passionate and true to your vision is a constant challenge while looking for fresh ideas and inspiration. I basically have no life work balance, but fortunately I still love what I do.

iv. Creative childhood hobbies:
I have always loved art ever since I was young. I still remember the time I got my first set of 12 colour crayons and how I cherished them. I knew then that I’d always be doing art. Other than drawing and painting, I also remember altering my own clothing and making my own quilt.

v. Training that has helped me succeed in this career:
I think being an art teacher for 11 years solidified my foundation.

vi. Some proud career moments:
I am proud to say that I have been working in the art field for more than 31 years now. 11 years as a fine art teacher in Korea, and now 20 years as a Ceramic artist. I am still very passionate about what I do everyday and I love it when people really appreciate my work. Some of them come to my shows such as Shiny Fuzzy Muddy just to see my latest work. Those people keep me inspired to create new and exciting work every year.


vii. A professional goal I have for the future:
I would like to have my pottery seen as art rather than tool.

viii. If you want to see my work, please check out
My website Red Pot Pottery and see all my latest work. I also update my schedule every few months and you will see all the shows and events I’ll be attending at various locations.


The Nutcracker '18


Swedish Falu Red

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton