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“My work consists of basically digital photomontages,” Chilean artist Margarita Dittborn told us in an earlier profile, “but lately I’ve been experimenting with collage, clay and video. Regardless of the device, my work always revolves around personal issues. In it, I talk about the void, hysteria, distance, idealization or deformation of love, romanticism, longing, hunger as an important and powerful search engine.”

Vancouver will now have a chance to learn more about this artist who was chosen as one of Phaidon’s top young artists in their Younger than Jesus series. Dittborn’s exhibition: I Love The Things I Never Had and Other Things That I Have Lost will be running at the Back Gallery Project from December 3rd through to the end of the month. Dittborn is scheduled to be at the Opening Reception, which is 1 to 5 pm on the 3rd.

“This is Margarita Dittborn’s debut in North America,” says Back Gallery Project founder Monica Reyes, “and we are treating the exhibition like a survey of her past ten years, in order to give her new audience a broader sense of her bodies of work.  We are also showcasing the evolution of her work both in technique and subject matter.”


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Margarita Dittborn Exhibition

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