Melissa Yin

i. I work as a full time mom and fashion designer.

ii. I do this creative work because:
I love it. It’s my childhood dream.

iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are:
Make everything as perfect as possible, so I do my best to make my every single piece a masterpiece.


iv. The greatest challenges around doing this work are:
Environmental. All fashion industries are facing this challenge. Zero-Waste is my goal.

v. Creative childhood hobbies:
Cross-stitches and colouring.

vi. Other creators who inspire you:
Vera Wang (making the best wedding gown for herself.)


vii. Training that has helped me succeed in this career:
Lasalle College fashion design diploma program.

viii. An important piece of advice for this type of work is:
Travel in a happy mood. Travel will give designers lots of positive inspiration, so I travel a lot and enjoy it.

ix. Some proud career moments:
Showed all my fine leather work in Vancouver Fashion Week


x. If you want to work in my field, I suggest that you:
Follow your heart, do what you love to create, and start today.

xi. A professional goal I have for the future:
Successful eco fashion designer.

xii. If you want to see my work, go to:



Header Photo:
Model: Virginia – Liz Bell Agency
Photographer: Ali Bordbar Photography 


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