Meringue Buttons

It is the kind of bakery where Mums and Dads still bring their kids after school to get a cookie. Will that be a Bird’s Nest, an Iced Flower or an Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk?

Moore’s Bakery is also known for their particularly delicious sweet meringue. The full-sized meringues still have crunch, but there is substance in the centre. Their mini meringue buttons are filled with either white chocolate or hazelnut ganache.


Moore’s has had awhile to perfect their recipes; they have been in Kerrisdale for 80 years. The Moore family owned the bakery until 1962. In 1973, the Kroondyk family bought the business, moved down 41st Avenue in 1975 and has been running it ever since. It is a family affair, with Archie Kroondyk, his wife Sarah and kids Rob and Lorelei all having taken turns in the kitchen or behind the counter.

‘Archie is still running the bakery?!’ a woman wrote on their Facebook page this month. ‘I worked there as a teenager in the 70’s! Hi Archie!’

Along with the cookie classics, you will find some most modern looking fare.


Moore’s does offer delicious breads, custom-made sandwiches and soups as well. But, who can concentrate on a main course with all those sweets about?

Written by Elizabeth Newton




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