Moira Rose’s New Cocktail

In Schitt’s Creek Season 1, Episode 6, Moira Rose proves to be a less than inspiring spokesperson for The Herb Etlinger Fruit Winery.

“In the lee of a picturesque ridge lies a small, unpretentious winery, one that pampers its fruit like its own babies. Hi, I’m Moira Rose, and if you love fruit wine as much as I do, then you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak Chardonnay, and the dazzling peach cral-bapple to his Riesling Rioja. Come taste the difference good fruit can make in your wine. You’ll remember the experience and you’ll remember the name. Herb Erfling … ger. Burt Herngeif. Irv Herb-blinger. Bing Livehaanger. Liveling. Burt Herkurn. Bingo ling-f*%ker!”

If you dare to fast forward Moira – “Why must you be so constantly irksome?” – you’ll find the commercial at ~ 9.05.



In Vancouver, British Columbia, 2021, Moira Rose has inspired another cocktail: The Moira Rose Sangria, a bombilating concoction of rosebuds, cranberries, pineapples, limes, and cane sugar.

Moira Rose’s favourite new cocktail comes to us courtesy of Karen Hope and Monique Zizzy, two BC entrepreneurs who started out as roommates at U.Vic. In the heart of the pandemic – December of 2020 – these Mums decided to start Fuse & Sip, a premium drink mix company. They could capitalise on Zizzy’s background as a holistic nutritionist with a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs,  and Hope’s operational expertise honed over years as a large scale event-planner.

How do their mixes like The Moira Rose Sangria work? First, they source natural ingredients ‘from Canadian suppliers (Yeah we love ya Canada) or local farms whenever possible.’ Then they create these packages from which we can create fancy cocktails or, for the less bibulous: mocktails.

For The Moira Rose Sangria – subtitle: ‘Rosé All Day’ – one is to fill a pitcher with a bottle of rosé and the infusion package. ‘Refrigerate and fuse for 1-2 hours’, they tell us. Then ‘stir and add to glass with 1-2 oz of sparkling water.’

Other Fuse and Sip mixes include: ‘Some like it hot’ – a lemon, ginger, chili pepper and rosemary infusion, and ‘Fancy Pants’ – a blend that includes orange, ginger, and butterfly pea flowers that magically turn the final drink blue.


From Fuse And Sip’s Instagram


It’s only fair that we give you the last word, Moira. “No, I’m- I’m simply here to inspire.”



Header: Moira Rose. Schitt’s Creek. On CBC Gem.


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