Monica Reyes Q/A

Monica Reyes is a vibrant figure in the Vancouver arts community. As Founder of Back Gallery Project, she is a passionate advocate for her artists, some of whom you will see represented below.

Reyes and a talented group from her gallery attracted much attention at the Seattle Art Fair this year. Reyes is also someone you can count on to be out and about, around the city, supporting others in their cultural efforts.

1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired.
Endowment Lands, because it helps me reset before I can visualize again what I need to dream.

2. Best place for people watching.
Seawall and Kits Beach.

3. Someone from Vancouver – alive or passed – who inspires me.
Angela Grossman, not only is she a fabulous painter, but also the most deep and kind person I have met in Vancouver. She is never judgemental and always aware of the complexities of the human spirit. Angela shows generosity of heart and mind, all while being a strong female artist excelling in a very male dominated world.

4. If you want great pictures of Vancouver, go to:
Chinatown – it’s changing too fast.

5. If Vancouver were an animal, it would be:
a cat! They say cats don’t have owners but servants, and look what a pretty kitty Vancouver is…


andrea-taylor-stranger-in-a-strange-land-2-painting-on-photograph-jeh-macdonald-seashore-nova-scotia-1923-andrea-taylorAndrea Taylor. Stranger in a Strange Land 2.


lauren-craste-vase-vaudou-hdLauren Craste. Vase Vaudou


Talia Shipman. Wigs.


6. A sound I associate with Vancouver.
The ships coming and going on the harbour.

7. A pleasant smell I associate with Vancouver.
The forest.

8. Food and/or drink that reminds me of Vancouver.
Impossible to choose one! We have it all and that is the best thing about Vancouver. From panninis to sushi, Vancouver has it all. Its a culinary delight.

9. Particularly great show, of any kind, that I have seen in Vancouver.
Douglas Gordon at the VAG, early 2002. In my mind, that was the first show that the VAG hosted that pointed in the new direction the gallery was going to go and illustrated how exciting the programming was going to get. It was bold, it was disorienting and it was so fresh. It marked the imprint that Kathleen Bartels, the newly appointed Director of the gallery, was going to give us, while showing us how much she wanted to placed the gallery in the international map of visual arts.

10. Favourite place to travel if I want to be creatively inspired.
NYC hands-down.




* Header Artwork – Margarita Dittborn. Offrenda II

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