Montréal Aura

“When you step into the Basilica, you’re really touched by its splendour, its soaring architecture,” says Tarik Mikou.

Mikou, Creative Director of Moment Factory – a Montréal-based studio that creates immersive, multi-media experiences – describes his initial impressions of the stunning Notre-Dame de Montréal, whose exterior was designed by architect, James O’Donnell, and interior completed in 1880 and designed by architect, Victor Bourgeau.

Tarik Mikou spent hours studying the Basilica in order to create Aura, ‘a luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica.’ Aura runs for 45 minutes on a number of evenings throughout the year.

Visitors are wide-eyed as they wander around the neo-gothic church looking at lit installations … artworks, statues, stained glass windows.

Once all are seated in the pews, the already colourful Notre-Dame de Montréal is filled with music and illuminated in meaningful sequences.

“I knew right away,” Mikou continues, “that we had a chance to create something unique, grandiose. It was exciting.” Mikou worked alongside a team that included composers Gabriel Thibodeau and Marc Bell from Troublemakers, and Multimedia Director, Bruno Ribiero. Musicians recorded the score at Radio-Canada.

The Aura storytelling is broken into three main sections: Act 1) The Birth of Light, Act 2) The Obstacles and, Act 3) The Open Sky.

It’s a beautifully moving, fully immersive experience in a most unique church.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton