Mother Nectar Mural

As you are walking down the staid, grey blocks of West Hastings – legal offices, banks, passport basements – you will be struck by unexpected colour. It is the blue, yellow, purple and green of Mother Nectar, a mural by artist Jenn Brisson.

Brisson, who has also had a fruitful career in classical animation, comics and kids shows, was brought on by local businesses and the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association to create the 8 by 54 foot mural in 2015.

Given bad weather and a nighttime painting schedule, Brisson worked on Mother Nectar in her studio, three panels at a time. It was not until installation day that she saw the mural in its entirety. Brisson dedicates the mural ‘to my mum and dad for the colour in my life.’

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton