Mother’s Day Treats @ Faubourg

As ever, Faubourg Bakery and Café has all sorts of delicious sweets on offer. We spoke to Head Pastry Chef, Ricardo Rosas about what special baking we might expect to see around Mother’s Day.



i. What types of treats have been selling particularly well during the pandemic?
We have been surprised to see that our lunch items have been very popular during the pandemic – most notably our Crêpes and Ham & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich. Similarly, our easy-to-grab treats such as our Par-Baked Croissants and Canelés have also been in high demand.

ii. What sort of Mother’s Day treats have tended to sell best over Faubourg’s lifespan?
During these past few Mother’s Days, our yearly Mother’s Day items have all been highly enjoyed by our community. These include our Mother’s Day Cake and Individual Pastry, as well as our decadent Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea To-Go Set. Our boxes of macarons are also very much sought-after during this holiday as they pair nicely with one of the special Mother’s Day desserts for an extra treat!

iii. What types of new treats will you have this Mother’s Day?
This year, our Feature Mother’s Day Cake and Individual Pastry are an elegant and decadent delight made of layers of raspberry lime mousse, lavender vanilla ganache montée, raspberry gelée, almond jaconde, strawberry glaze and topped with fresh mixed berries. In addition, we have specially curated our Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Set to include a wide array of sweet and savoury items to be shared with loved ones at home.


Mother’s Day @ Faubourg




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