Mum Treats

For many of us, thoughts of Mum include the rituals around our favourite baked treats: the special trip to the store to buy the ingredients, the love and care in the mixing, the tantalizing smells, the impatient waiting and the scrumptious payoff when the goodies were finally pulled, cooled and ready to eat.

Some of the sweetest smells at our house came from Mum’s homemade Jamaican buns, laced with tiny slivers of red pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Hidden under freshly laundered tea towels, these famous buns took forever to rise, what with all the dough-knicking and all.

But when they finally got in the oven? Good grief. It was a smell that demanded total submission. Enchanted neighbours appeared, Boobus the daschund took her place at the edge of the kitchen table and we all waited for that glorious moment when the three-part buns could be broken apart and brushed with melting butter.

With such rich scent and flavour memories, it is no wonder that many offspring include delicious baked treats in their Mother’s Day baskets and meals. Local bakeries are more than happy to oblige. If you’re feting your Mum this week, here are some places where you can stock up…

From Butter Baked Goods
This Bakery and Cafe has a distinctive decor, which is to be expected given owner Rosie Daykin’s background in interior design.

inside butter

A mother herself, Daykin and her team have created all sorts of treats suitable for a Mother’s Day basket. Mum might enjoy some beautifully packaged party mints, a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie or a Gingersnap with the ideal blend of crisp and chew. You can also bring her some of Butter’s famed homemade marshmallows in flavours like Toasted Coconut, Violet, Vanilla, Strawberry or Pumpkin Spice.

butter mom cookies


From Sweet Obsession
Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastries is another local story, this one started by  Lorne Tyczenski and Stephen Greenham. You can, of course, bring Mum next door for a meal at Trafalgar’s Bistro. Always high on our list: bistro fries, mushroom risotto and warm Toffee Cake with toffee sauce.

Or you can bring home one of the abundant desserts from Sweet Obsession, such as Triple Chocolate Mousse cake with its white, mocha and dark chocolate mousse, Lemon Cheesecake or a perfectly composed Fruit Tart with a chocolate-brushed pastry shell.

sweet obsession


From Sweet E’s
You might also head up to Sweet E’s bakery, run by sisters Eleanor, Kathleen and Theresa.  Be it sugar, lemon, chocolate chip or ginger, they have mastered the perfectly crisp cookie.

Mum might also be wooed by Sweet E’s supersized lemon meringue tart, with its peaked meringue spires and its sharp lemon curd.

e lemon tart

sweet e mom cookies


Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating their mothers in person or in spirit. xox

Written by Elizabeth Newton





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