The Nanaimo Bar Trail

The West Coast Trail not your thing? Point your boots towards a tasty alternative: The Nanaimo Bar Trail.

From Lantzville to Cedar to Gabriola Island, see how many different spins you can find on this most famous of Canadian treats: Nanaimo bar classics, cheesecakes, ice-cream, cocktails. And wherever you land on the trail, you’ll hear one emphatic truth: this is the region where the Nanaimo Bar was invented.

Here’s a Nanaimo Bar Classic from The Hearthstone Bakery:

When something is so delicious – a layer of creamy chocolate that gives way to a vanilla custard middle which sits atop graham wafers and coconut – it’s no wonder that people fight over its origins.

They’ve made founder claims from New York, New Brunswick, London and Maryland. But no city takes the Nanaimo Bar more seriously than Nanaimo. In 1986, their mayor even ran a contest to unearth the most amazing recipe.

Out of one hundred serious entrants over a sampling period of four weeks, a winner was declared: Joyce Hardcastle.

Tourism Nanaimo has mapped out 39 stops on their Nanaimo Bar Trail. Buy yourself a maple bacon topped Nanaimo Bar or some Nanaimo Bar cupcakes, spring rolls, fudge, waffles, tea lattes. You can also also find inedible tributes with Nanaimo Bar Pedicures, tea towels, soap…

Wear loose slacks.

Nanaimo Bar Trail

Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Elizabeth Newton