Car Free Days

Usually, I just stumble into it. We’re driving to Main or through Denman to do this or that, and suddenly we’re in the middle of a street party.

Instead of cars, the streets are filled with couples doing salsa, locals selling their honey and chocolate, shoppers modelling jewellery in tiny hand mirrors and artists signing one-of-a-kinds. In clump after clump, you see familiar faces from the different corners of your life.

Vancouver’s Car-Free Days started eleven years ago on Commercial Drive as a statement against highway expansion. It has evolved into a community celebration of arts, food and local business. The three key locations are:

1. Denman Street – Saturday, June 20th. Noon to 6 pm

2. Commercial Drive – Sunday, June 21st. Noon to 7 pm and they are promising roller disco!

3. Main Street – Sunday, June 21st. Noon to 7 pm.

Artist Marcus Wild – the subject of one of our recent profiles – will be selling his work at the Denman Street event on Saturday and the Main Street location on Sunday.

Another local artist, Dana Mooney, will be selling her prints and pillows Sunday on Main street, between 16th and 17th Avenue.

dana mooney pillows

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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* Artwork by Marcus Wild and Dana Mooney


Devon Thom


Dads & BBQ

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton