29 Jul 2022

Beautiful, Beautiful BC

It may be hot – really, just so hot – in parts of B.C. right now. But, the songbirds are singing up a storm, and the province could not be more beautiful. For all those in the province: hope you have a wonderful, safe BC Day Long Weekend. Perhaps, you’ll

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26 Jul 2022

Joanna Lovett @ Harmony Arts

i. I am a jewellery designer and maker.  ii.  The name and date of the show I’ll be in next is: Harmony Arts!  Harmony Arts is a wonderful, welcoming celebration of live music, handmade art and so much fun. It’s held along the waterfront in West Vancouver. The festival runs for two

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22 Jul 2022

Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

The colourful strokes brighten our neighbourhoods: from Mount Pleasant to Strathcona, atop high profile buildings, and tucked down quiet alleys. Since 2016, VMF has introduced new, public artworks to our streets. The work of creating these murals has attracted  local and international artists,  audiences keen to watch them work, and

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19 Jul 2022

Itinerant Brownies

How satisfying  to pull apart a warm brownie and breathe in that deep, gooey, chocolate deliciousness. Thanks to The Brownie Bakers, you can now do so while you’re out and about the city. This mother: Lily Kwok and daughter: Kelly Chau venture burgeoned after Chau was laid off from her

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15 Jul 2022

Tiffany Ayalik + Okpik: Little Village In The Arctic

i. Name: Tiffany Ayalik ii. I am: A filmmaker and musician. iii. The name and premiere of my current documentary is: ‘Okpik: Little Village in the Arctic’ premiering on August 5 in Inuvialuktun on CBC Gem and August 6 in English on CBC Manitoba.    Indigo. Photo by Kelly Kamo McHugh   . iv.

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