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13 Dec 2015

Pop-Up Jewels

There can be no doubt. November and December are officially high season for pop-ups. Local artisans are hunting down empty retail spaces and short-term tricking them out with their wares. Duelling Brits offer official definitions: Google reflects the November/December spike: The Centre For Economics and Business Research recently polled 2,000 consumers in the UK.

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11 Dec 2015

Toasted Mallows

It is not so glamorous tottering through the mall with 3 toasted marshmallows on a stick. The man with the boiled wool coat and leather clutch veered clear into oncoming holiday mobs to avoid me. But, the gooey, charred lemon meringue, vanilla sprinkle and toasted coconut were well with the

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08 Dec 2015

Sarah Murray

Midway through getting his portrait shot for a magazine, director Carl Bessai surprised photographer Sarah Murray with a question. “Would you be available to shoot some movie stills?” Hmm. Murray had never shot movie stills before. Food, interiors, travel, portraits – sure. But movies? Never. Not to worry. With an

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06 Dec 2015

Parading Around Vancouver

If you want to see creative citizenry, go to a parade. Whether gawping from the sidelines, formally marching or spontaneously jumping in, Vancouverites love sprucing things up for a parade day. 1. Check out the amazing spectator hats and the toys come to life in the 1920’s Toy Parade. The Spencer’s Toy Store turkeys, Jacks in

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