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06 Aug 2021

Bau-Xi Photo Gallery Artists

From August 7th to 21st, a selection from the talented range of artists from Bau-Xi Photo have their works on display. A peek into the roster … . . Kim Keever. Abstract 48421 . Joshua Jensen-Nagle. Alone in the Garden . Jeffrey Milstein. Container Ship, Port of Newark. . George

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03 Aug 2021

Flower Punk

“Hand me the shears please.” Azuma Makoto is building one of his incredibly creative floral sculptures whilst talking to filmmaker Alison Klayman and her New Yorker Documentary team. “I always feel this way,” Makoto continues. “Flowers are about something more than just beauty. If you just wanted to see something

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31 Jul 2021

Three Words: Nanaimo Bar Donut

An iconic dessert has found a new face. Not only did we invent the Nanaimo Bar (come at us London, New York, and Maryland),  Canada is said to have the most donut shops per capita in the world. Now, in this long weekend of Pride, Cartems Donuts is bringing it

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27 Jul 2021

Cheesecake, Olympic Cheesecake

With National Cheesecake Day falling on July 30th, it’s time we take a moment to celebrate this most glorious of desserts. And funny – as many of us are steeped in watching the Olympics – that cheesecakes were on the menu for athletes at the first Olympic Games in Greece.

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