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25 Mar 2016

First Big Show

14 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes, 06 seconds. That is the current countdown to Somewhere Between Almost and Barely, an art exhibit at thisopenspace which features at least ten young artists. 18 year old Harriet Sales is one of the ten and right now she is finessing details and choosing last

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22 Mar 2016

Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper has been working the Vancouver art scene since she was a baby. She would trail behind her father – noted photographer David Cooper – as he went from gig to gig. One of his regular subjects was the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and, after awhile, David and Prima Ballerina

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20 Mar 2016

Portobello Spring Market

“Hi!” 10 year old Andrea is sitting with her Mother behind a booth at Portobello Market. In front of them are colourful coasters: Marilyn Monroe, Superman, Batman, cool cats. “That’s nice you’re out helping your Mum.” “Actually,” Mum pipes up, “it’s her business!” West Coast Coaster is 10 year old Andrea’s

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18 Mar 2016

Tiko Kerr’s Vancouver

“Vancouver has never ceased to inspire me,” says treasured artist, Tiko Kerr. “I love seeing the city from the water. I am intimate with seaplanes, freighters, the Esso fuelling barge, the North Shore Mountains, harbour seals and herons.” Tiko is often commissioned to commemorate Vancouver landmarks and occasions. “I see myself

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