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14 Jun 2016

Nina Turczyn

June is a special occasion party month: summer solstice, grad, prom, weddings. Maybe you got spruced up for a Tony Awards viewing? As we lay out our finery, we are often looking for jewels to compliment our outfits. How to find a standout piece that doesn’t require a Gringottian stash? People in

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12 Jun 2016

San Francisco Murals

If there is a list of cities with gorgeous street murals, San Francisco must be on it. The Mission District is particularly known for its rich collection of outdoor artwork reflecting history and struggle in the city itself, Mexico, Latin America and beyond. Diego Rivera, who painted three murals in the

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10 Jun 2016

The Vintage Window Dressers

It takes a mighty interesting shop window to catch the attention of passersby. A+ to those window dressers who inspire busy commuters to stop, tune out the street ruckus and take in their tableaus. The best-known window dresser is probably the outspoken Simon Doonan who, for years, designed the windows

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10 Jun 2016

House of Heads

If you have spent any time on Main Street, you have seen the House of Heads. The heads used to call a meeting and peer out on cue. It’s not clear what our feature head did wrong, but he has been locked outside in a TV guillotine box along with a toss of limbs and a jug

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