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15 Nov 2016

Are Puppets Creepy?

Are you wary of puppets? Even those who do not have pupaphobia – a phobia of puppets and marionettes – may be reluctant to share a room with wooden friends. Are puppets creepy? The talented Judd Palmer – artist, co-founder of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and subject of our Creators Vancouver

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13 Nov 2016

Heather Ross Q/A

Chances are good you have seen some of Heather Ross’ work. She is an artist, photographer, founder of a boutique at 6th and Fir, stylist and author of The Natural Eclectic, a beatiful book that has been featured in magazines from House & Home to Martha Stewart Living. We asked

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11 Nov 2016

Back To The Seventies

The good ol’ days were not that good. Not so glittery good for the good ol’ gang. Nothing like good for those being denied their dignity and pushed to the edges. It is tempting to bathe in nostalgia and gild that which is gone. This delusion becomes dangerous when we decide that we

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08 Nov 2016

VPL Movie Night

In the face of all these election fears and energizer pundits, you might be seeking some fictional relief. Amidst a growing list of recent innovations – free recording studios, music instrument lending program – the Vancouver Public Library offers free access to nearly 300 ‘groundbreaking and influential films going back to the earliest days of cinema and

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