28 Apr 2017

Sarah Murray Q/A

Vancouver photographer Sarah Murray is much in demand for her ability to capture character and mood. You’ll see her work in movie stills, portraits, food, interiors, travel. She is also a tremendous supporter of her fellow artists and the Vancouver Arts scene. This weekend, Murray will be showing her work on South Granville.

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25 Apr 2017

Ann Goldberg

“Wait.” People will double-take when they see Ann Goldberg’s paintings. “Is that a photo?” A particularly perfect photo? Hers is a hyper-beautiful world where tiny visual details are captured – reflections, shadows, wind – and colours are at their most vibrant. “My paintings might be considered Hyperreal paintings,” Goldberg explains, “Hyperrealism is an

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23 Apr 2017

Howard Tsui Anarchy

When we visited Howie Tsui’s twenty-five metre animation at the Vancouver Art Gallery, people were sitting quiet, watching his Retainers of Anarchy through two, three cycles. Granted, Tsui’s five-projection, six-channel audio digital piece has no set beginning or end. We zoom from a vibrant, crowded Kowloon apartment to a woman lounging

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21 Apr 2017

Piñata People

If you were at the Elton John concert in Victoria, you would have seen Sir Rocket Man accept a birthday piñata in his likeness. It was a memorable moment, especially for artist and local founder of Your Piñata, Meaghan Kennedy. “Y’a know in front of 9000 people, nbd. Such an amazing sight! He

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18 Apr 2017

Derek Healey ⊄

Breaking New Ground: ⊄ We are talking to a range of creators about their creative process, particularly when they take their work in a new direction, breaking new creative ground. We will be including excerpts from the interviews on the Creators Vancouver site, starting with noted composer, Derek Healey. Healey has won

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