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07 Jun 2016

Writers’ Exchange

It is like a topsy-turvy 1950’s newsroom where all the reporters are kids and all the managing editors are encouraging and friendly. Here, at Queen Alexandra Elementary on East Broadway and Clarke, young writers are lined up at typewriters, mulling over the next sentence in their stories. A few minutes

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05 Jun 2016

Gregory Porter @ Coastal Jazz

Jazz clubs have a tough go in Vancouver. The Cellar, The Smiling Buddha, The Harlem Nocturne, Flat Five, The Cave, Isy’s – all gone. Thankfully, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival has run annually since the summer of 1986, giving local and visiting jazz lovers a hit. This year, the Festival is on from

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03 Jun 2016

Spiked Coffee

I’m not sure if the doctor would approve, but three sips of this and you might forget what ails you. Blasted Brew is the coffee creation of Doug and Dawn Lennie, spouses and owners of Legend Distilling in beautiful Naramata. Doug brews up interesting small batch concoctions in a distillery

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31 May 2016

Amy Hu

The sun is more reliably out, Vancouverites are walking the streets in packs and the flowers are on brilliant display. Be they bedding in gardens, fronting shops or glamping in bouquets, our flowers are in glorious bloom. Which flowers are people clamouring for these days? Amy Hu, owner and floral designer at

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