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08 Jan 2016

Bigsby’s Happy Pills

Of course. It makes sense. Happiness will not be found in foul tasting, liver wrenching, dried roots. Happiness comes via tiny meringue tears that have been blessed with colour sprinkles. The most addictive egg white sugar joy drops are baked and housed at Bigsby The Bakehouse in Mackenzie Heights. The

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06 Jan 2016

Leonardo’s To Do List

When it comes to polymath genius innovators, it is hard to beat Leonardo da Vinci. He died on May 2, 1519, yet people stake out his exhibits and push in front of his paintings like newly converted groupies. Here in Vancouver, we experienced the da Vinci devotion at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s

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03 Jan 2016

Allison Lau

You might see her early mornings on the bus, making that long journey to school. She is not sleeping, studying or getting lost in her playlist. As Allison Lau makes her way to university, she knits. And knits. “My commute is quite long, so I get a solid amount of

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01 Jan 2016

8 Tips From 8 Creators

Happy New Year! 2015 has been an exciting first year for Creators Vancouver. We have so enjoyed exploring the creative corners of our city and meeting interesting people from all sorts of different fields. These Vancouver creators have offered us insights into their creative passions and pursuits. We have gone through

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