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10 May 2016

New York Shows I

It’s May in New York and we’re seeing shows! Hamilton? Nope. We weren’t lucky enough to get regular tickets nor win the daily lottery. We are not about to pony up the $800-$1000 needed to assuage the middlemen. But, friends who saw it back-when agree that Hamilton is shattering, a historical moment.

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10 May 2016

Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff was telling us about his visit to the cardiologist. He was “strapped to the machines” – lines in, lights flashing. “What do you do?” asked the fancy doctor. “I’m the Cartoon Editor for The New Yorker.” Off went the lights, out came the lines. “I’ve got an idea

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08 May 2016

Graffiti Alley

If you are a fan of graffiti, then peek into the alley that feeds onto Richards, just east of Harbour Centre. You’ll find a block-long mural, created by Cold World Media – an Artists Collective. It covers both sides of the alley and was started in 2005.   By Elizabeth Newton

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06 May 2016

The Marine Building

It was 1.1 million dollars over budget in the making. A big deal, particularly in 1930. But the 2.3 million dollar Marine Building opened to great fanfare – uniformed doormen! Women in sailor suits showing off five high-speed elevators! – and has only grown in stature since. These days, the

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