26 Feb 2017

Lucky Limoncello

When we were in Italy a few years ago, our city to city tour had us on a no-nonsense schedule. While the ‘younger’ among us were happy to crash into bed after the multi-course dinners, Fanny from Kansas was hosting Limoncello parties. This eighty-something matriarch was coaxing her daughters, granddaughters and any

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24 Feb 2017

Jamie Evrard Q/A

From March 4th to 18th, the Bau-Xi Gallery will be mounting Jamie Evrard’s gorgeous new show: Restless Spring. “It’s a continuation of my exploration of flowers,” says Evrard,  “but they’ve gone more abstract. I’m working from photographs I took in a woman’s peony garden in Italy. They are just so blousy.” “The

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21 Feb 2017


For many museums, a non-summer’s day means a peaceful wander around people-light rooms. It makes for a zen beauty experience, but it’s not too good for the museum’s bottom line. When we visited San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art this week, it was humming. There were teens co-listening to audio guides

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19 Feb 2017

San Francisco Murals +

It’s not surprising that street art thrives in a city that has long celebrated creativity, rebellion and outsiders. We visited some great murals on our last visit to The City. SF Murals 1 And here are some more murals – and one pair of legs – that stood out on our

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17 Feb 2017

Mother Nectar Mural

As you are walking down the staid, grey blocks of West Hastings – legal offices, banks, passport basements – you will be struck by unexpected colour. It is the blue, yellow, purple and green of Mother Nectar, a mural by artist Jenn Brisson. Brisson, who has also had a fruitful career in

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