06 Jan 2017

Mandy Lau

If you spy Mandy Lau creating a portrait, you might be struck by the time she dedicates to getting the details right – pencil in hand, studying the face, capturing the angles. If you spy Mandy Lau at a live fashion illustration event, you will definitely be struck by how quickly

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01 Jan 2017

10 Tips From 10 Creators

2017  😊 We hope the year brings you health, happiness and new adventures. We have enjoyed our second year at Creators Vancouver, exploring our great city and interviewing talented  artists of many stripes. Thank you for your support! As we embark on a New Year, we have gone through our 2016

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30 Dec 2016

Mark Your Calendar

2016 has felt like a rough year for many. The world has lost great artists. Let’s hope for a peaceful 2017 with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the work of talented creators. Here are a few things we can look forward to in the New Year. Visual Arts Geoffrey Farmer. The Kitchen January 13 to February 18. 2017

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23 Dec 2016

Julie Mackinnon

Grandma’s kitchen was a happy place for little Julie Mackinnon. “My Grandmothers’ kitchens were a place for baking and beauty. Mixing batter in colourful stacking Pyrex dishes, licking the cream from the beaters and having hot cocoa in Melmac mugs on a gingham tablecloth.  Lemon yellows and bright greens. Warm hugs

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20 Dec 2016

Art Wrapped

Utility boxes are there to do the job: keep the circuits, cables, electrical devices and connections safe from interlopers. But, who’s to say they have to be that same boring green, block after block? In 2015, Vancouver started a Public Art program where artists could apply – and winners would

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