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10 Sep 2017

North of Broadway + Main

We weren’t the only ones setting out with our cameras to check out all of the new street art, courtesy of the Vancouver Mural Festival last month. We would need donuts, of course, to gather strength for the trek. Our choice? Sweet Dickie donuts from Cartems – a September special featuring vanilla cake, a

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08 Sep 2017

Richmond Night Market

Night markets are a fun way to discover artisans, chefs and foods you won’t find easily on your average day in the city. Above, photographer Steven Wei has taken a beautiful shot of the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong. In Metro Vancouver, we can dine and dawdle at the Richmond Night

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08 Sep 2017

Annie Briard

i. I work as a: Visual + media artist and adjunct prof at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. . ii. I do this creative work because… I’m driven by strange encounters with the visible and a desire to share and compare these stories with others. I feel there’s

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05 Sep 2017

Sarah Delaney

i. I work as an… artist ii. I do this creative work because… it makes me the happiest. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are… passion and imagination. I allow my sense of adventure and curiosity drive my practice and everyday life. I am a carefree rule

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