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06 Oct 2015

Andre Petterson :

Hurray! Andre Petterson is getting ready to mount another show at the Bau-Xi Gallery. Opening night in Vancouver will be on October the 24th. “I’m currently working with images and thoughts of past years and travel experiences,” says Petterson. “Floaters – things that perk away and remain unresolved for awhile,

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01 Oct 2015

Nik Palmer

When people buy handcrafted bags from Palmer & Sons, they can be reluctant to break them in. These leather treasures are clearly the result of thoughtful design and skilled building. The latches, rivets and hides are just so. Must keep it perfect. Nik Palmer hears these fears a lot and

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28 Sep 2015

Tommy Smythe

It is the last day of the 2015 Interior Design Show West and we are packed into the Keynote Speakers’ zone. “I’ve got to get a picture of him,” the gentleman behind me tells his wife. “Tommy is my favourite television personality.” The gentleman is not alone. Designer Tommy Smythe

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27 Sep 2015

Sweet E Lemon Meringue

‘The best dang Lemon Meringue this side of the tracks.’ So says the new lettering on the window. I’m not sure who offers competitive curd on the other side of the rails, but sweet e’s has always been known for the fresh lemon jolt it serves under artful peaks of

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