25 Nov 2016

Laura Mark

It started with Daisy. Laura Mark, a graphic artist by day, had a much-loved Boston Terrier named Daisy. Daisy was rather a hit at the dog park. In winter, Daisy’s big brown eyes were set off by a pink collar, a pink leash and a pink coat designed by Laura.

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22 Nov 2016

Sundown At MOA

The best views in life are free. Well, not always. But, if you are looking for a  quintessentially British Columbia experience, head out to the Museum of Anthropology before dusk. If you have not yet been inside MOA, it is a Vancouver must-see for another day. The Museum houses more

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20 Nov 2016

Nutcrackers Aplenty

Two hours of walking, not a minute less. Every day – rain, shine or snow – Russian composer Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky would walk outside for at least two hours. As his brother Modest explained: ‘Somewhere at sometime he had discovered that a man needs a two-hour walk for his health, and his

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18 Nov 2016

Holiday Artist Weekend

You will need a good breakfast. The holiday season is here and, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could spend a full day or two, driving around the city and checking out the work of local artists. The Eastside Culture Crawl 1000 Parker Street houses 110 studios and more than 220 artists.

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15 Nov 2016

Judd Palmer

Look into the faces of the creatures who find life in the hands of Peter Balkwill, Steve Pityu Kenderes and Judd Palmer. Piercing puppet eyes rest on weary wooden faces. There will be an adventure, but the worst is yet to come. Balkwill, Kenderes and Palmer are the masterly artists behind The Old

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