30 Aug 2016

Captain Fantastic

When you hear the words ‘Captain Fantastic,’ who or what comes to mind? a) That’s private b) Viggo Mortensen c) A Chris Evans movie-mashup d) Model 1062 e) Elton John If you answered ‘d,’ you know your pinball and you are in luck. The Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy pinball

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28 Aug 2016

Peach Pie, Please

What is your favourite type of pie? It is a tough question at the best of times. The answer was ‘apple’ in a onepoll survey of 2000 people in the UK. And the pie pie chart from another poll reveals: The pie dilemma hits hard when you go to Aphrodite’s Pie

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26 Aug 2016

Andre Petterson Q/A

Andre Petterson is a talented local artist whose recent multi-media work has been rooted in photography. In his upcoming September show, Transition, Petterson ‘explores the contentious symbolism of the suit jacket.’ It is a show inspired by serious, Neoclassical buildings in Buenos Aires that have been overlaid with politically pointed graffiti. Petterson

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23 Aug 2016

From Rapier to Malapad

Long before there was much hip in Vancouver’s hop, you could still find talented dancers and choreographers teaching hip-hop classes in small studios and gyms around town. The classes attracted a wild mix of ages and dance stages –  just people wanting to listen to great music, get some exercise and have

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21 Aug 2016

Touring The Murals

Who are the artists behind all of these new murals? Why and how did they paint what they did? To learn more about the magic behind the murals, we signed up for a walking tour of the Vancouver Mural Festival. For a tour guide, we were lucky to get Pennylane

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