02 Dec 2016

Homegrown Holiday Playlist

For those of us who love Christmas, the all-you-can holiday hits station is a jolly antidote to the crazed drivers and relentless rain. Vancouver artists are responsible for plenty of the songs that have people across the world jingling. Here are a few selections from some of our talented locals. Allow us

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29 Nov 2016

Margarita Dittborn :

“My work consists of basically digital photomontages,” Chilean artist Margarita Dittborn told us in an earlier profile, “but lately I’ve been experimenting with collage, clay and video. Regardless of the device, my work always revolves around personal issues. In it, I talk about the void, hysteria, distance, idealization or deformation of

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27 Nov 2016

Granville Island Sweets

Granville Island is a great place to nosh on sweets at the best of times. Come holiday season, the stocks are piled high and pastry chefs are throwing in festive twists. We’ve listed some of our favourite GI sweets – and this is only Round One – below. Here’s to all of the

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25 Nov 2016

Laura Mark

It started with Daisy. Laura Mark, a graphic artist by day, had a much-loved Boston Terrier named Daisy. Daisy was rather a hit at the dog park. In winter, Daisy’s big brown eyes were set off by a pink collar, a pink leash and a pink coat designed by Laura.

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22 Nov 2016

Sundown At MOA

The best views in life are free. Well, not always. But, if you are looking for a  quintessentially British Columbia experience, head out to the Museum of Anthropology before dusk. If you have not yet been inside MOA, it is a Vancouver must-see for another day. The Museum houses more

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