11 Oct 2016

Moonshine Studio

There is something magical about artists’ studios. The creativity is thrumming – in the decor, in the tools, in the half-finished works and in the artists themselves. Here, at Creators Vancouver, we are looking forward to going behind the studio scenes to explore the spaces where artists do their work. We

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09 Oct 2016

Thanksgiving Studio Tour

The Fairy Hogmother can be proud of her birthplace. For the twentieth year, the artists of Gabriola are showing off their skills in the island’s Thanksgiving Studio Tour. Day One boasted heavy rain, yet visitors and locals were turning up in enthusiastic packs to meet artists in their work spaces

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07 Oct 2016

A Danish Obsession

Breakfast can be a bitter reality check for the euphoric traveler. The people, the history, the buildings, the shows – how interesting. Look how I blend in as a local. But, pickled herring with pickled eggs at 8 am? Nope. In our next destination, the croissants look crispy and stout. But,

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04 Oct 2016

Laurent Craste

When most of us see a classical decorative vase from Europe, we think of crumbly mansions, royal tea parties and precarious museum exhibits. When Laurent Craste sees a classical decorative vase from Europe, he thinks of axes, icepicks, nooses and baseball bats. What did porcelain ever do to this Montreal-based

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02 Oct 2016


When an expert panel at The Guardian rated the Top Film Soundtracks of all time, Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho came in at number two. 1. The Wizard of Oz Composer: Herbert Stothart. Songs by Harold Arlen / EY Harburg (1939) 2. Psycho Bernard Herrmann (1959) 3. Star Wars John Williams (1977)

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