30 Sep 2016

Monica Reyes Q/A

Monica Reyes is a vibrant figure in the Vancouver arts community. As Founder of Back Gallery Project, she is a passionate advocate for her artists, some of whom you will see represented below. Reyes and a talented group from her gallery attracted much attention at the Seattle Art Fair this year. Reyes is also

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27 Sep 2016

Meringue Buttons

It is the kind of bakery where Mums and Dads still bring their kids after school to get a cookie. Will that be a Bird’s Nest, an Iced Flower or an Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk? Moore’s Bakery is also known for their particularly delicious sweet meringue. The full-sized meringues still have crunch,

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25 Sep 2016

Douglas, Jungen, Magor + Wall

They have been filming quietly around town: Hogan’s Alley, The Sea Wall, East Cordova, up to the Okanagan, back down to Kits Point. Curiosity has been surging and now, finally, the release date is here. PBS has just screened the Vancouver episode of their Peabody-award winning series: Art in the Twenty-First Century. “Art 21,” says narrator Claire

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23 Sep 2016

Made in Canada 2016

Can you guess which company this is?   The company is Etsy – the ‘marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods’ – and they are holding their Made in Canada markets this weekend. Locally, the Etsy Market has expanded

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20 Sep 2016

Splash Pendulum

Arts Umbrella has always been a vibrant meeting place for talented BC artists. When artist Carol Henriquez and dancer Gloria Schwartz opened this not-for-profit arts education centre in 1979, they were determined to engage its young students in high quality arts classes. “No macaroni, no string,” said Henriquez. Sure enough, many of the

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