07 Feb 2017

Jennifer Harwood

They have no faces, yet there is an intimacy in Jennifer Harwood’s dancer paintings. As it turns out, this Vancouver artist has a background as a professional dancer. “I feel I can identify with the emotional response of the body poses. I have actually mimicked the pose to get the

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05 Feb 2017

42nd Street

‘In the heart of little old New York You’ll find a thoroughfare; It’s the part of little old New York That runs into Times Square.’ In the 1930’s, New York was deep into The Depression. Artists and owners in the Theatre District were hard-hit. 42nd Street, the 1933 film, took us into

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31 Jan 2017

Kaori Kasai

Ten years ago, Kaori Kasai was at an artistic transition point. “I had a time of struggle. I always do. All artists have thinking times.” She was trying to puzzle her way through. “I kept thinking and thinking.” Days into the grappling, an image popped into Kao’s head. “A little

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29 Jan 2017

The Red Spring

As you are walking down Hornby Street, towards Robson, you will see lawyers with their big black rolling cases coming in and out of the Arthur Erickson-designed Law Courts. Sitting atop the Law Courts is  a rooftop garden that runs three blocks and houses rain-blessed thickets, wild flowers and waterfalls. Sitting at

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24 Jan 2017

Hélène Bourget

“I do believe that there is an energy in handmade objects,” says jewellery artist Hélène Bourget. “The cookie-cutter, mass-produced items don’t have the soul that hand-produced items do.” Bourget puts great thought and soul into the jewels she creates for clients. “You are creating a piece that is significant to

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