23 Sep 2016

Made in Canada 2016

Can you guess which company this is?   The company is Etsy – the ‘marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods’ – and they are holding their Made in Canada markets this weekend. Locally, the Etsy Market has expanded

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20 Sep 2016

Splash Pendulum

Arts Umbrella has always been a vibrant meeting place for talented BC artists. When artist Carol Henriquez and dancer Gloria Schwartz opened this not-for-profit arts education centre in 1979, they were determined to engage its young students in high quality arts classes. “No macaroni, no string,” said Henriquez. Sure enough, many of the

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18 Sep 2016

Lincoln Heller

When Lincoln Heller started his fiveleft leather design business, he was working with an antique, hand-cranked sewing machine. There were no motors or fancy foot pedals to ease his toil. Heller would get a grip on the machine, gather his strength, haul down on the crank, and be rewarded with…one

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13 Sep 2016

David Cooper

Photographing dance is notoriously difficult. To excel, the photographer must have precision timing and an eye for the moment. An intuitive understanding of music and choreography is key. And, if the camera is focused specifically on ballet, then its operator must appreciate the fight for perfection. Ballet dancers, and their knowledgeable

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11 Sep 2016

It Starts With The Accordion

Leila Getz is a true pioneer in the Vancouver arts scene. Her Vancouver Recital Society was an audacious start-up in 1980. A solo recital series with up-and-coming international artists? Here in Vancouver? “It won’t work,” Getz heard over and over again. “You won’t get the audiences. Recitals are dead. You’re setting

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