17 Jan 2017

Brad Hill

Carastan Malt. Caramunich Malt. Vienna Malt. Crystal Malt. ‘Crush all dark malts into a decoction kettle.’ ‘Crush pale malts into a main mash tun.’ ‘Sparge the mash gently.’ Any recipe that includes seven types of malt and the word ‘sparge’ deserves our full attention. We come to this recipe for

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15 Jan 2017

40 Vancouver Artists

This year, with Vancouver Special, the Vancouver Art Gallery is re-introducing its exhibition of local, contemporary artists. Every three years, they will select a group of Vancouver artists, many of whom are emerging. For the 2016 exhibition, Ambivalent Pleasures, Co-curators Daina Augaitis and Jesse McKee visited ninety studios and galleries in order

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13 Jan 2017

The Chocolate Makers

Chocolatier Greg Hook,  founder of Chocolate Arts,  was sourcing organic ingredients and sculpting chocolate art long before other local stores got fancy with their chocolates. The artisanal chocolate shop he opened in Vancouver in 1992 is now located on West 3rd Avenue – within walking distance of Granville Island –

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08 Jan 2017

From Italy To YVR

Even if you don’t read Italian Vogue, you might know the name Franca Sozzani. Since starting as editor of the magazine in 1988, Sozzani celebrated art, culture and gorgeous fashion. She was willing to tackle difficult subjects and trample the status quo, even if she risked offending advertisers or sensitive readers. In

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06 Jan 2017

Mandy Lau

If you spy Mandy Lau creating a portrait, you might be struck by the time she dedicates to getting the details right – pencil in hand, studying the face, capturing the angles. If you spy Mandy Lau at a live fashion illustration event, you will definitely be struck by how quickly

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