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08 Jul 2016

New Donuts

The ride to UBC just got a little nummier. A new Cartem’s Donuterie has opened this week on Broadway, near Alma. This is Made in Vancouver deliciousness. It is hard to pick a favourite: Triple Chocolate Threat, The Earl Grey, Lemon Meringue? I’ll do an extra hop, skip and a lunge

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05 Jul 2016

Joanna Lovett

Did Queen Elizabeth I have you in her good books? You would have reason to be optimistic if she gifted you with a locket concealing portraits painted by Nicholas Hilliard, her miniaturist. Sir Frances Drake and Sir Thomas Heneage were two lucky recipients. Queen Elizabeth I did not venture out without

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03 Jul 2016

Bill Cunningham

I think I glimpsed him in New York. A few years ago, way off in the distance, an older man in blue, beetling down the street on his bike. Well, the evidence couldn’t be flimsier, but I like to think it was Bill Cunningham. Like so many others, I admired

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01 Jul 2016

Art For The Dead

It is hard to know what to make of massive cemeteries with row after row of identical, machine-polished, brown headstones. Everything is so perfectly ordered: not so many people hanging about, not so many markers to distinguish one gravestone from another. We all have our traditions, but it is heartening to see

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