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16 Mar 2016

Spring In Van Dusen

If you are looking for quiet inspiration, visit Van Dusen gardens in the Spring. The crowds are not yet there, but the flowering trees and bushes are beautiful. If the rain has just stopped falling, walk up to the waterfall area and breathe in the fresh woods smell. Over the

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11 Mar 2016

Marcus Wild’s Vancouver

Our second tour of Vancouver comes to us courtesy of artist, Marcus Wild. Last summer, Wild challenged himself to draw one picture of Vancouver a day. “I’d ride around on my bike, find a nice spot to draw and sit there for three hours. The seawall is great. I could park

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08 Mar 2016

Ilya Viryachev

He started last November. If your daily travels take you to the west side of 8th and Main, you might have seen Ilya Viryachev. He was in the alleyway, evenings and weekends, rain or shine, painting a giant mural. “It is always daunting to be looking at the blank wall,” says Viryachev,

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06 Mar 2016

Triple Chocolate Mousse Tricks

“Can I bring anything? Dessert?” In my eager olden days, that would have meant rifling through cookbooks, sifting flour all over the kitchen and topping the much ado with a flourish of chocolate. In my droopy older days, the bringing of dessert means trolling bakeries and sampling slices. One of the

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