07 Jan 2022

VPL Recording Studios

Do you have a digital project that you would like to take to the next level? Podcast, video or audio-recording? First episode of your new YouTube series? Check out the Vancouver Public Library’s Inspiration Lab. It’s 7,500 square feet, it’s stocked with the latest recording technology and it’s free for use with

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04 Jan 2022

Jacob Lawrence @ The Library

“My pictures express my life and experiences,” said American painter Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000). “I paint the things I know about and the things I have experienced”. Much of his stunning artwork is focused on his home community in Harlem. “All these people on the street, various colours, so much pattern,

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02 Jan 2022

Vancouver Reads Through It

Have your reading and watching habits changed during the last two years? If yes, are you more likely to dive in and learn all you can about each new horror as it arises? Or does your waking and sleeping brain yearn for some light-hearted escape? Overall, what did Canadians –

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31 Dec 2021

Mystery Portraits

This week, City of Vancouver Archives posted an intriguing portrait of an unidentified man from the early 1920s. It made us wonder how many other such unnamed portraits sit in our city vaults. As it turns out: lots. Who are these unidentified people? What were their life stories? Our header

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28 Dec 2021

A Career In Writing

The Guardian asked 15,000 Brits to identify their dream jobs. Which job came in as most desirable of all?  ‘Author’, said 60% of respondents. Meanwhile, a 2021 One Poll survey asked 2,000 Americans to out their childhood dream work. Here, writer came in at #9. . 2021 Top 20 Childhood

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