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15 Nov 2020

Tanis Saxby @ The Crawl

It’s that time of year when great swarms of us would be buzzing around artist studios for the Eastside Culture Crawl: visiting old friends, discovering new talents. In 2020, of course, this doesn’t happen. But, the Crawl continues and artists have exciting new work to show us. This year, the

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13 Nov 2020

Ilanna Barkusky +

i. We last spoke to you in 2017. How has your creative working life changed since then? Things have changed quite a bit since 2017, it is really interesting to look back and reflect on that. I always am trying to evolve and challenge myself creatively, and in the last

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11 Nov 2020

Angel Of Victory

On this Remembrance Day, you might find people taking a moment to walk near a certain sculpture at the edge of Gastown. . . It was Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, a London-born sculptor, who created this Angel of Victory. The Angel lives outside the Waterfront Station, with her back to the

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08 Nov 2020

A New Day

It was an extraordinary day when people danced in the streets, newscasters wept with relief, and two young, mixed race girls stood onstage while their Great Aunt Madam Vice President and her President Elect preached unity. Over to you, Nina.. . . Header: Robert Indiana

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