20 Nov 2015

The General’s Bathroom @ Christmas

Hycroft Mansion is one of my favourite stops in Vancouver. As a newish city – much of which was destroyed in the Great Vancouver Fire of 1886 – we don’t have that many early buildings of any sort, let alone buildings so close to their original condition. Hycroft, built from 1909

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17 Nov 2015

Livona Ellis

When you ask most people about Spin class, they throw out words like: intense, energizing, grueling, medieval chain gang madness. It is wheels whipping, legs cramping, sweat flying. 4, 3, 2, 1. Out of the saddle. When you ask Livona Ellis about Spin class, she settles into a tranquil sigh.

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15 Nov 2015

The Mannequins Are Safe At Circle Craft

It’s not easy to be a mannequin. Their lives start out promising enough, if you can see past the crowded nurseries, the presumptuous sanding and the plastic holding cells. Once released into the world, these sinless mannequins suddenly find themselves set alight in safety videos: .   Tricked out with fancy electronics

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12 Nov 2015

Jamie Evrard

The bouquet was on its last stems. Peonies starting to droop; petals ragged and browning. Leaves curling their way back to the midrib. Each flower staking out its final resting place on the edge of the cellophane. “Perfect,” though artist Jamie Evrard. “I’ll take this one.” “Oh no,” said the

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11 Nov 2015

Bob Murphy ♫

At the beginning of the year, we were lucky enough to interview jazz pianist Bob Murphy. Murphy has been well known around Vancouver for his sensitive, insightful playing and his ability to fit into all manner of ensembles. He has been a beloved teacher to kids and adults, amateurs and professionals who

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