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14 Mar 2021

The East Van Sign

From how many Vancouver viewpoints have you seen the East Van sign? Perhaps your normal commute takes you by and by the sign all week. Created by renowned Vancouver artist Ken Lum – and formally titled ‘Monument for East Vancouver’ – this 57 foot sculpture is designed with concrete, steel,

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12 Mar 2021

Secret Garden Tea Cakes

Thinking about shopping and eating local? Secret Garden Tea Company has some most scrumptious cakes on offer. To learn more about this SGT deliciousness, we spoke to Head Pastry Chef Lysanne Sweeney, and her talented Assistant Pastry Chef, Paula Moraes. . i. What are three words you would use to

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09 Mar 2021

Jamie Evrard 2021

A perfect day in June. That’s the name of the beautifully introspective painting below.  ‘A Perfect Day in June.’ There are perfect days in June, and perfect days in June of 2020. We’re coming up on a year that has been anything but perfect: ‘A Wilderness Year,’ as Jamie Evrard

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07 Mar 2021

Over The Moon With Guo Pei

Have you seen ‘Over the Moon’? This striking Netflix film – animated by Vancouver’s Sony Pictures Imageworks – was inspired by the Harvest Moon Festival and the legend of Moon Goddess Chang’e. ‘Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl’ –  Fei Fei, played by Cathy

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