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27 Dec 2019

Sibelius, Don Juan + Rapallo

‘Don Juan. I was sitting in the dark in my castle when a stranger entered. I asked who he could be again and again — but there was no answer. I tried to make him laugh but he remained silent. At last the stranger began to sing — then Don

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24 Dec 2019

December + Canada = Cookies

In 2019, which food cravings had us scrambling to Google for recipes? Trending Canadian Food Searches for 2019 i. Beef Stroganoff ii. Brussel Sprouts iii. Coleslaw iv. Banana Bread v. Lasagna vi. Guacamole vii. Fried Rice viii. Gnocchi ix. Turkey Breast x. Beef Stew Come December, though, our priorities change.

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22 Dec 2019

North Van Holiday Fun

Fancy a Winter Wonderland? For nearly 100 years, snow-seeking Vancouverites have made their way to Grouse Mountain come holiday time. In 1926, bakery tycoon William Curtis eased the trek by funding an ambitious road up through the forest. Photographer Stuart Thomson captured some 1929 holiday scenes. . . Stuart Thomson. City

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18 Dec 2019

Paul Larocque – Christmas with Chor Leoni: Angels Dance

i. My name is Paul Larocque. ii. I am extremely proud to lead Arts Umbrella, a Vancouver-based organization committed to inspiring creativity in young people and helping them to discover their potential.  At Arts Umbrella, we believe that arts education provides young people with immeasurable life-long skills, such as critical

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