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17 Jul 2020

Steven Nederveen +

“I use meditation and time spent in nature to heighten my senses and take in my surroundings.” This, talented artist Steven Nederveen told us last year, “helps me as a person and as an artist. I try to use these insights to inform my work.” “I use my work,” Nederveen also

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14 Jul 2020

Wild Ocean

Did you know that: • Sardines make the most of their short lives, with some growing up to 23 centimetres in two years. • Close to 20,000 dolphins follow the sardine run up South Africa’s Eastern Cape. • Dolphins – said to be even more intelligent than dogs – can

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12 Jul 2020

The Arnolfini Brussels Griffon + Other Dogs In Art

Viewers continue to marvel at the remarkable realism with which Jan Van Eyck painted the furry, attentive Brussels Griffon in his 1434 Arnolfini Portrait. This most famous portrait of Italian cloth merchant Giovanni Arnolfini, and his fancifully green-dressed wife Giovanna Cenami hangs at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The

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10 Jul 2020

Charlotte Bronte’s Beans

‘Are there any tea-cakes?’ asked the young mistress. I was excited to unearth a 115 year-old cookbook, pre-Covid, in a second-hand Vancouver bookstore. Books And My Food was written by Elizabeth Luther Cary and Annie M. Jones. It features both literary quotes – Dickens, Austen, Thackeray, Bronte – and original recipes

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