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05 Sep 2021


‘The Thunderbird is the keeper of the sky. When she opens her eyes, the sun shines. When she ruffles her feathers, the wind blows. When she waves her great wings, lightning flashes; and when her wings slap together, thunder sounds. This Thunderbird, together with all the other creatures, is my

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31 Aug 2021

Flamenco, Fashion

As flamenco heels stamp from Spain to Mexico, Japan, Albuquerque, Vancouver, other artists can’t help but be inspired by the rhythms, the colours, the percussive guitars. We’ve seen flamenco’s influence on symphonic repertoire, the Billboard 100, contemporary dance, and mixed media installations. Over decades, we have also seen the impact

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27 Aug 2021

Rembrandt In Amsterdam

‘Life etches itself onto our faces as we get older, showing our violence, excesses, or kindnesses.’ So said the phenomenally talented painter of portraits and scenes much beyond, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn  (1609-60). Rembrandt’s portraits ranged from the biblical, such as the Old Testament heroine above, to ‘aspirational merchants and

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24 Aug 2021

A Seat At The Table

If you visit Columbia and East Pender, you’ll find artist Cheng Shu Ren’s ‘Snapshots of History’ mural, created in 2010. ‘These murals,’ we read, ‘commemorate the history of the Chinese Canadians and recognize their significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada for over a

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