30 Aug 2022

Sweet Tooth Canada

How does the Canadian sweet tooth compare to those of our global counterparts? We can start first with the healthy sweets. Can you name the most consumed fruit in the world? According to the latest Guinness Book of Records, the most consumed fruit in the world is ‘the banana (Musa

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28 Aug 2022


Prudence Heward – who was born in 1896 and died in 1947 – was a remarkably talented Canadian painter who never earned the acclaim she so deserved. When Heward’s nephew asked Group of Seven painter AY Jackson if he thought his aunt was one of the better female painters in

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26 Aug 2022


In 2020, we were delighted to interview, and read the work of Vancouver’s own CBC Word Guy, Dr. Jonathan Berkowitz. . Now, Berkowitz is out with a new book and we want to know more! i. You’re The Word Guy, so we’ll start with an impossible word question. What

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24 Aug 2022

Takashi Murakami. Stepping On The Tail Of A Rainbow

Like most of us, artist Takashi Murakami’s life and perspective has been changed by the pandemic. As he said in a 2022 interview with the Gagosian Quarterly: “My awakening to the metaverse happened in the summer of 2020, the first year of the pandemic, when I saw the way my

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21 Aug 2022

Canada’s Ice-Cream 2022

We’ve had heat. We’ve been out and about our provinces more. So, what kinds of ice-cream have Canadians been looking to for an icy-cold sweet treat? This year, Narrative Research and the Logic Group surveyed 1, 239 Canadians 18 years and older – from The Logit Group’s Canadian omnibus –

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