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06 May 2018

Vancouver Opera Backstage

It was the night before the opening of Lady Macbeth and Parvin Mirhady, Head of Wardrobe for The Vancouver Opera, had all the costumes ready to go. Then, she got the call: the leading lady was coming down with a sore throat, her replacement might need to go on instead.

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04 May 2018

Jill Allan

i. I work as an: Artist and instructor, hot glass is my primary medium. ii. I do this creative work because: I find it fascinating, I like the challenge and each project leads to another curious possibility…what will happen?? I love that when I am teaching I am always amazed and

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04 May 2018

Crafted Vancouver

How would you like to learn how to: make creative cocktails from an award-winning bartender, prepare a traditional Japanese tea ceremony schooled by a certified instructor in the Omotesenke tradition, hand-set and print fine press books, watch a master Chilkat weaver, or walk your way through ten tables of master

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01 May 2018

Tiffany Stone

i. I work as a children’s author. I think of myself primarily as a poet, one who writes in rhyme, but recently I’ve begun to branch out into writing picture book texts in prose. However, these stories contain plenty of word play, which I consider a close cousin to poetry. ii.

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