09 Nov 2022

Amanda Wood @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Amanda Wood ii. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I slip between different ways of working depending on the feeling or quality I’m looking for in a particular work. I might use alternative photography techniques to capture light, or a fleeting moment, or I might use hand weaving to think

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08 Nov 2022

Serena Chu @ The Crawl

i. Name: Serena Chu ii. I am a pottery teacher, ceramic and mural artist. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: My studio is located at 1630 Pandora Street and will be open Nov 17-18 from 5pm-10pm and Nov 19-20 from 11am-6pm. . . iv. The type of work

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04 Nov 2022

Got Craft Holiday Market

One of the great things about holiday markets is all of the festive food created by local artisans. If you’re looking to get started on your holiday snacking. baking, or gifting, Got Craft is running a 2022 Holiday Market – with both virtual and in-personal offerings. This year, you’ll find

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01 Nov 2022

Michelle Nguyen. Horror Vacui

We’re always intrigued by the work of artist Michelle Nguyen, and curious about what she will do next. Now, we’re delighted to discover that she has an upcoming new exhibit. Its title? ‘Horror Vacui’. This phrase – Horror Vacui – is based on New Latin for ‘fear of empty space’.

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29 Oct 2022

Hycroft For The Holidays. 2022

For those who like to get an early start on the holiday cheer, the Hycroft Market is an annual tradition. For over forty years, the University Women’s Club has brought the sparkle and mull to General Alexander Duncan Macrae’s 17,000 square foot Edwardian mansion. You’ll be welcomed by local musicians

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