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01 Jul 2018

13 Canadian Food Inventions

If you are hiking in the deep woods and want to avoid a grisly bear encounter, the advice is clear: make lots of noise to let them know you’re coming. Avoid areas with fresh bear tracks and droppings. Keep your pets at your side and leave the bacon and fish fries

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29 Jun 2018

The Gift Of The Given

“That is so cool.” “I can’t stop looking at it.” ‘Beautiful work, amazing use of colour.’ It is the mural in progress at 1873 West 4th Avenue that is inspiring raves in passersby and the Instagram-savvy. The Gift of the Given is the work of talented Vancouver artists Tiko Kerr

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26 Jun 2018

Summer Concerts @ Hycroft

It’s said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Vancouver and this 1986 photo from the city archives will do little to persuade otherwise. If Hycroft Manor does have duppies, they’ve been nothing but welcoming on any of our visits. Then again, we haven’t been filming the paranormal

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24 Jun 2018

Sour Cherry Cider

If you’re in the market for a spouse, eat your summer cherries with care. And by all means don’t leave four pits – or any pit multiplier of four – on your plate. According to an old British superstition, you can determine your wedding date by counting the cherry stones

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