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04 Jul 2021

Hobbits By Candlelight

If you’re a film buff, you have no doubt heard the scores of composer Howard Shore: Silence of The Lambs, Spotlight, Crash, Hugo, The Departed, Gangs of New York, Aviator, Philadelphia, Mrs. Doubtfire… What you may not know is that this award-laden composer is Canadian. Born 1946 in Toronto, the

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02 Jul 2021

Andy Warhol @ The AGO

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” True to form, in his Philosophy of Andy Warhol, the artist describes a ‘typical’ walk through New York. ‘When I’m walking around New York I’m always aware of the smells around me: the rubber mats

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29 Jun 2021

Pool Party Please

The Heat Dome is not it. Want proof? A good friend and his daughter just baked cookies in their car. 🔥 Rolling into a cold pool sounds idyllic if: a) one can find a pool that isn’t stuffed with people, and b) one has the energy to drag oneself out

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25 Jun 2021

Beautifully Broken

Beautifully broken. This is just one of the descriptors applied to the poetic art of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of golden joinery. Kintsugi, Vancouver artist Naoko Fukumaru writes, ‘is a five-hundred-year-old method of restoring damaged ceramics, seen as enhancing their beauty and value by celebrating their imperfection and impermanence.  Kintsugi

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