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07 Nov 2020

Gabriola Hearts The Front Line

Pots and pans may not be clanging as loudly come 7 o’clock, but we have not forgotten the front line. Residents of Gabriola Island have been particularly ardent in showing their appreciation to health and essential workers. From ‘main’ roads to forested nooks, you’ll find gates and front yard trees

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03 Nov 2020

Tales By Don Mowatt

If you’re looking for a unique virtual performance featuring a collection of talented Vancouverites, check out Encounters: Stories & Music with Don Mowatt¬†on Thursday, December 10th. As Mowatt explains: ‘While working as a radio documentary producer for thirty five years at the CBC and before, I was privileged to meet

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03 Nov 2020

Pat O’Hara +

“Every painting is a challenge,” says Vancouver artist Pat O’Hara in a Studio Tour short. “There’s chance, and obsession. Those are the three things that my work is all about.” “I’m most interested in colour,” says O’Hara, who cites Gordon Smith as the most influential person in her career. “I

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31 Oct 2020

Thrills, Coffee Crisps, And Other Canadian Treats

Happy Halloween! As we traipse about the house in our costumes, let’s take a moment to appreciate Canadian-born candies. What does it say about our culture that we are the inventors of a gum whose tagline reads: ‘It still tastes like soap’? They may think us mad, but many of

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