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29 Mar 2020

To The Doctors + Nurses

As a child, I saw how deeply Mum’s work as a nurse impacted her patients. With her starched white cap and her carefully ironed white dress, she would leave the house with purpose – be it in the wee hours of the morning, or after a long day of driving

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28 Mar 2020

Rodgers + Hammerstein Live

The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Carousal, South Pacific, The King and I… Composer Richard Rodgers (1902-79) and dramatist/lyricist Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960) were the brilliant minds behind the songs and shows that continue to fill our heads and stages today. The industry powers-that-be came in convinced that Rodgers and Hammerstein could

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24 Mar 2020

Canadian Filmmakers @ NFB

Before bouncy castles, ball rooms, wave pools, and trampoline parks, Canadian parents knew where to turn for birthday party padding: the Canadian National Film Board. Mums and Dads drove about town fetching projectors, portable screens, and well-worn film cannisters. Birthday snacks in hand, we kids squished into neighbourhood living rooms

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22 Mar 2020

Virtual Cocktail Parties

It’s Covid 2020 and I’ve been invited to my first Zoom Cocktail Party. Hard to imagine, yet here we are. But, I am fully in agreement with those who say that it’s physical, not social, distance we need. So: hair done, outside top, inside bottoms, here we go. But, what

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