29 Jun 2022

Photo Session @ Queen E

For decades, Queen Elizabeth Park – especially in late spring and summer – has been hopping with professional photographers and their beautifully dressed subjects. It’s fitting that when you visit the 52 hectare park, which sits 125 metres above sea level, you’ll see  J Seward Johnson’s bronze sculpture, Photo Session, installed

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27 Jun 2022

Spring Summer 2023

Hurray! Summer weather has finally come to Vancouver (please let it stay sunny minus the heat dome). As we shove our sensible sweaters to the back of the closet, here is some creative clothing inspiration from designers and their Cruise, Resort, and Spring Summer collections. The videos – from all

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24 Jun 2022

Virginia Mak. Countenance

‘Countenance’ – be it one’s face, one’s expression – is a word we quickly associate with 19th Century poetry. Take this excerpt from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famed ‘Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie’. ‘At the helm sat a youth, with countenance thoughtful and careworn. Dark and neglected locks overshadowed his brow,

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21 Jun 2022

Sonny Tags Emily

In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are looking back at a particular striking exhibit by Sonny Assu at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Assu is currently represented by Equinox Gallery: Sonny Assu @ Equinox Gallery . ‘It was, like, a super long time ago that ppl were here, right?’

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20 Jun 2022

Something Rotten. Kamyar Pazendeh @ TUTS

i. My name: Kamyar Pazandeh . ii. I am an: Actor and Singer . iii. Other ways I would describe myself: I am someone who enjoys a good challenge, whether it’s diagnosing why a pc keeps restarting, building a driftwood fence, or learning a new nocturne on the piano. .

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