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22 Jun 2021

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

As the city slowly opens up, Vancouverites are delighted to once again visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden. And right now, the garden is featuring a special exhibit: Rivers Have Mouths. Rivers have Mouths is part of the Solidarity Public Art program which celebrates local Indigenous and Chinese Canadian

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20 Jun 2021

Krystle Dos Santos

Talented Vancouver-based singer Krystle Dos Santos is piling up the awards, including Winner of the R&B Artist of the Year from the 2020 WCMA’s. “Soul comes from within,” Dos Santos said in an interview with CBC Hot Air host Margaret Gallagher. “I think we have so much more power and access to

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18 Jun 2021

Jeffrey Milstein Above Paris

In his gorgeous 2021 book Paris: From The Air, artist Jeffrey Milstein describes what it is like taking photos from chartered helicopters as he flies over cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam. ‘It is a more difficult type of shooting from the air,’ he writes. ‘To achieve the

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15 Jun 2021

Misty Copeland Drops Into Degas

Photographers, and spouses, Deborah Ory and Ken Browar are known for their striking portraits of dancers. Ory was a dance major in college who, after injuring herself in first year, started photographing the rehearsals she would have otherwise been in. Browar developed his reputation as a top fashion photographer with

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