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05 Nov 2021

A Life In Rhythm. Curtis Andrews

i. My Name: Curtis Andrews ii. I am a: percussionist/composer/collaborator. iii. I mainly work with various world music artists from South Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa and whoever else falls into my orbit. Some groups include Zimbamoto, Zhambai Trio, Adanu Habobo. I also work with classical Indian dancers (bharatanatyam) locally

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02 Nov 2021

Kandinsky. Around The Circle

It’s hard not to hear the music when you wander from one Kandinsky painting to the next. ‘Colour,’ he said, ‘is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause

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29 Oct 2021

A Comedy Cook-In

For almost two years – agh! – we’ve experimented with how to recreate live experiences online. Playwright and director Amiel Gladstone has been thinking about how to build performance experiences that can only be experienced when viewers are at a distance – in their homes, online. His latest venture? Farm

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26 Oct 2021

Canadian Food Adventures

Grocery List 500 pounds flour 200 pounds bacon 3 dozen yeast cakes 15 pounds evaporated apples 100 pounds beans 1/2 gallon lime juice 5 boxes matches . That’s quite a shopping list. Any guesses as to what it was for? . . Well, according to the 2021 book Gastro Obscura,

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