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05 Mar 2021

Fine Art For The Green Fairy

Today, March 5th, is the Day of the Green Fairy, aka National Absinthe Day. Absinthe, the much-banned, heavily alcoholic green spirit, is crafted from a mix of botanicals that include green anise, wormwood flowers and sweet fennel. ‘The Green Torment’ is said to have been invented in the late 1700s

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02 Mar 2021

Muggle Mushroom Muses

Are you a mychophile? Mychophile, the Oxford Dictionary tells us, is ‘an enthusiast for mushrooms and other (especially edible) fungi; a person fond of eating mushrooms.’  This is about any type of mushroom – plain old grocery bin mushrooms are welcome here. Centuries of artists have shown themselves to be

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28 Feb 2021

Feast For The Eyes

Playing With Your Food. Around the Table. Still Life. These are the three key thematic sections of a new exhibit running at the Polygon Gallery until May 30th, 2021: ‘Feast For The Eyes’. Curated by writer Susan Bright and Aperture Foundation’s senior editor Denise Wolf, this show features 100 +

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26 Feb 2021

VAG: Stories That Animate Us

From February 20th to August 22nd, the Vancouver Art Gallery is running a special exhibit entitled ‘Stories That Animate Us’. It’s an exhibit that asks us to consider how important storytelling is in our lives. ‘What stories inspire you? What stories need to be told and which will you pass

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