22 Mar 2022

Walking The Seawall

The quintessential Vancouver experience? Well, you’ll get a lot of debate there. But, it’s hard to argue against walking the Seawall. As ever, check the Parks Board link to see if any sections of the seawall are closed due, for instance, to storm damage. . i) You can start your

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18 Mar 2022

Andre Petterson. Horizon

i. Name: Andre Petterson ii. I am a: Mixed mediums artist. Painting, photograph, sculpture, installation, sound. iii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: I’ve learned that nothing is written in stone and that we live in a world of ever-changing environments, both physical

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16 Mar 2022

Fall Fashion Shows. 2022/2023

The online fashion show trend continues for the 2022/2023 Fall Winter collections. All of us can now watch spectacles that used to be in person, invite only. Here’s a sampling from the ever-great resource: FF Channel. . . Fall Winter 2022/2023 From Paris Valentino . Chanel  . Louis Vuitton  .

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11 Mar 2022

Mel Gausden. A Fairytale For The End Of The World

‘I always carry a sketchbook, and while I’m out in the canoe or on a hike, I’ll often stop to make quick sketches.’ So says emerging Canadian artist, Mel Gausden. In describing her artistic process, Gausden continues: ‘Then, later at the campfire, I’ll develop those ideas a bit more, or

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08 Mar 2022

Free Spirit @ Gabriola Island

i. My Name: Catherine Hallam  ii. My Work: Over the years I have studied and have degrees in business, fashion, visual art, design and education. My own work is informed by textiles (screenprinting) as well as a variety of experimental drawing and painting techniques. I enjoy working large-scale and exploring the

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