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31 Aug 2018

Mermaids, Love Potion and Queen Cake

Gustav Von Mink is a busy man. He is ever thinking of new ways to feature his small batch chocolate: with kentucky bourbon and fresh mint in chocolate ganache, over bacon in hand speckled eggs, sparkling with mermaid-approved sea salt. Or how about some milk chocolate ketzels rolled through caramelized

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28 Aug 2018

Fleming For Free @ UBC

With the high cost of living in Vancouver, it can be tough to find the money to get out to artist events. Thankfully, free options exist, including some wonderful options at UBC. Case in point: On September 18th at the Old Auditorium, the incredible Renée Fleming – most recently nominated

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26 Aug 2018

Dogs in Art

Cats may rule the internet, but dogs have long been inspiring artists to pull out their paints and pooch-coloured pencils. Some early canine canvas spotting: • Jan van Eyck. The Arnolfini Portrait. 1434 • Lavinia Fontana. Portrait of a Noblewoman. 1580 • Diego Velázquez. Las Meninas. 1656 • Frans van

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26 Aug 2018

Julia Alvarez’s Bad Ginger Cookies

‘After Mom’s death,’ author Julia Alvarez writes, ‘we found a box of ginger cookies in her freezer. I parceled them out, having one a week to make them last. Each time I took a bite and that spicy tingling filled my mouth, I thought of how – along with all

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