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29 Apr 2018

Art + Chocolate

‘Charlie Bucket found himself standing in a long corridor that stretched away in front of him as far as he could see. The corridor was so wide that a car could easily have been driven along it. The walls were pale pink, the lighting was soft and pleasant. ‘How lovely

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29 Apr 2018

UBC Botanical Garden

Garden life was not easy for Botany John. B.C.’s first provincial botanist was the brains behind UBC’s botanical garden. The original site for his thousands of plants and shrubs was on the Essondale hospital grounds in Coquitlam. When the Office of the Provincial Botanist closed in 1916, Botany John and

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27 Apr 2018

Takashi Murakami

If you haven’t been yet, if you’ve been waiting for the crowds to dissipate, wait no more. The Vancouver Art Gallery’s Takashi Murakami exhibit, The Octopus Eats Its Leg, closes on May 6th. Given Murakami’s popularity, the VAG has extended gallery hours until 9pm for the last week – April 30th

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24 Apr 2018

Jason McLean

i. I work as a Visual artist and I wear many hats. ii. I do this creative work because: I’ve been doing it for so many years, there’s no turning back now. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: My Dad was a car-dealer so I have

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