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23 Mar 2018

Making A Living As A Writer

In 2015, The Guardian reported on a poll of 15,000 Brits who were asked to identify their dream jobs. Which job came in as most desirable of all?  ‘Author’, said 60% of respondents.  ~ The fantasy literary life is an appealing one indeed. Sitting about in one’s pyjamas, dreaming up new

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20 Mar 2018

Melted Chocolate

Marie Antoinette – the Queen with her own Chocolate Maker – started each morning with a wee tass of hot chocolate. Decades earlier, Louis XV and his mistresses looked to hot chocolate for an aphrodisiac boost. In 1755, Menon captured this Louis’ recipe. ‘Place an equal number of bars of chocolate

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18 Mar 2018

Felix Fox

i. I have worked as a: Makeup effects/ Makeup artist for film & television for the past 23 years and run an Eyebrow Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo studio boutique in Vancouver BC. ii. I do this creative work because: I delight in the details- creating details in clay, creating details

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16 Mar 2018

Nat Bailey Winter Farmers Market

With the cherry blossoms peeping out and full stretches of day with no rain, it’s easy to get in the spring mood. If you want to be out and about with other thawing Vancouverites, try the Nat Bailey Winters Farmers Market. On Saturdays from 10 till 2, kitty corner to

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