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21 Jun 2019

Kirsten Wicklund +

i. I am a: dance artist. ii. The name of my upcoming show is: “EDGE SIX”​ and it is a mixed program that will close Dancing on the Edge Festival 2019! It features my solo work entitled “Afloat amidst the steam of my combustion” alongside the solo work of Ziyian

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18 Jun 2019

Half Blood Prince Live

In an interview with Warner Brothers, prolific, Grammy-nominated composer, Nicholas Hooper was asked about his favourite scene to score in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. ‘The journey to the cave where Dumbledore and Harry apparate from the tower in Hogwarts to a rock in the sea was my

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16 Jun 2019

Dads On Canvas

Happy Day to all the Dads who – through wins and losses, rebellion and disappointment, unexpected pivots, and bittersweet news – are there for their kids. ♥ Here are some fathers who have been captured on canvas over the centuries. No guarantees that all enjoyed idyllic relationships with their children!

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14 Jun 2019

Let Rosie Feed You

If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll find no shortage of temptations at Butter Bakery on 37th and Mackenzie. The sweets on display – cookies, cakes, loafs, cupcakes – are endlessly tempting. What’s it going to be today? Birthday Cake sandwich, Ginger snap, Snickerdoodle, Bajillionaire Bar, Butter tart Bar, Black Bird cake?

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