29 Apr 2022

Dreams And Reflections. MRG

Starting May 1st, the Monica Reyes Gallery Mackenzie Heights launches a new exhibit: ‘Dreams and Reflections’, featuring works by artists Jason McLean, Tiko Kerr, Kriss Munsya, Montserrat Duran Muntadas, and Trinidad Barros. We’ve found the MRG Mackenzie Heights to be a great, sunny site in a charming Vancouver neighbourhood with

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26 Apr 2022

Silverman Piano Competition. Final Round

Robert and Ellen Silverman – two much respect pianists and professors – started their namesake piano competition at UBC to support and develop up-and-coming serious pianists. As Robert says: “Professionally, if any pianist is going to ‘make it,’ playing a concerto and knowing how to do it is very important. 

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20 Apr 2022

The Norris Crab

But who made it? It’s surprising how difficult it can be to find  information around who made certain buildings or historic pieces of outdoor art. There will be thousands of photographs from every which angle. Exact weights, heights, patina. Detailed logs of who had their picture taken by the artwork

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15 Apr 2022

Isabelle Menin. Floating Gardens

In a 2021 interview, Lumos asks Belgian photographic artist Isabelle Menin – the stunning ‘flower artist’ – what is typical of her work. ‘A relatively classical notion of beauty,’ she answers. ‘In my case, I believe it is rooted in abundance, in a particularly baroque chaos’. When asked what inspires

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12 Apr 2022

Iké Udé. Nollywood

Nollywood. In a 2016 interview with Griot magazine, artist Iké Udé described the billion dollar film business in Nigeria, the country of his birth. “Nollywood autonomy, independence. It is made up of individuals who have a bold and audacious vision of who they are as Nigerians, as Africans, without any

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