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06 Dec 2020

Christmas With Chor Leoni

It’s been a long standing tradition in our family. At the end of years joyful and trying, three generations have bundled up to head downtown and, amidst the candles and stained glass, officially mark the start of the Christmas season with Chor Leoni’s stunningly beautiful Christmas concert. Founded by the

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04 Dec 2020

Darlene Cole. Midnight

Midnight (Living Room). Midnight (When The Night Comes). Midnight (Love Notes). Midnight (Velvet At Dusk). Midnight is the name of Toronto artist Darlene Cole’s December exhibit. Midnight is also the word that fronts each of the featured painting titles. As she created the exhibit,  Cole ‘experienced a blurred transition from

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01 Dec 2020

The Toque Craft Fair

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than the toque. Or tuque. Or touque. Even the Oxford Dictionary agrees. ‘Toque. Canadian. A close-fitting knitted hat, often with a tassel or pom-pom on the crown.’ Some of you might even remember SCTV’s uber-Canadians Bob and Doug McKenzie – played by Rick Moranis

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29 Nov 2020

Bring On The Christmas Lights

Thank Thomas Edison if you’re piling on extra Christmas tree lights this year. Thank Thomas Edison if you’re cheering on neighbours as they bedeck their roofs, windows, and bushes with multi-coloured, glowing strings. Before Edison, Christmas light came courtesy of flaming candles on cut trees. Royals, like Queen Victoria, showcased

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