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07 May 2021

Rachel Ruysch

Who had ten children, a much coveted position as a court painter, sustained critical and financial success, and a lower profile yet supportive artist spouse? Well, yes. But, if you hadn’t seen the title above, would you have guessed: early 18th Century Dutch Painter, Rachel Ruysch? The first female artist

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04 May 2021

Mother’s Day Treats @ Faubourg

As ever, Faubourg Bakery and Café has all sorts of delicious sweets on offer. We spoke to Head Pastry Chef, Ricardo Rosas about what special baking we might expect to see around Mother’s Day. . . i. What types of treats have been selling particularly well during the pandemic? We have

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02 May 2021

Saint Laurent, Balmain, Rokh, Chloe, Erdem + Ami Take It Outside

Not so long ago, most of us could only see glimpses of haute couture fashion shows – in magazines, in fashion TV snippets. Now, in lockdown life, designers have created stunning, audience-less shows in the wilds, and posted them online for all to admire. Some particularly striking examples .. .

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30 Apr 2021

While We Wait: Records Of Solitude

It is talented artist Kriss Munsya – born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, raised in Brussels, now living in Vancouver – who created the striking work in our feature image: ‘Dreams Tonight’. When Munsya presents this or other pieces from his 2020 ‘Highway Reflection – The Eraser’ series,

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