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27 Jul 2021

Cheesecake, Olympic Cheesecake

With National Cheesecake Day falling on July 30th, it’s time we take a moment to celebrate this most glorious of desserts. And funny – as many of us are steeped in watching the Olympics – that cheesecakes were on the menu for athletes at the first Olympic Games in Greece.

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23 Jul 2021

Rory Doyle Mural

If you haven’t been downtown for a while, you might not yet have seen the striking new mural by Vancouver artist Rory Doyle for Vancouver Mural Fest. Doyle both creates his own work and runs Sefton Design Studio. In creating this colourful work at Burrard near Thurlow, Doyle was assisted

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21 Jul 2021

Pier Gallery @ Silva Bay

Art, water, blue sky, boats. What’s not to like? Gabriola Island – aka ‘Isle of the Arts’ – has a newly expanded gallery to show off the work of its rich roster of local artists. The Pier Gallery is an Artists Collective located on the water side of Pages Inn

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16 Jul 2021

Antarctica: Life Emerging

Have you seen ‘Antarctica: Life Emerging’? It’s a beautifully moving 13 minute film focused on safeguarding Antarctica and highlighting three new marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The film features a solo by the ever-talented cellist Yo-Yo Ma and gorgeous cinematography by Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen: National

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