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27 Apr 2021

Isabelle Menin +

We are delighted to see that the work of Isabelle Menin is on display in ‘Sublime Nature’ – a curated survey of  this imaginative artist’s work over the last 5 years. What inspires Menin’s deeply absorbing digital flora? In an Imaginarium interview, Menin says: ‘I’m interested in expressing basic human

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25 Apr 2021

Stefano Benazzo’s Shipwrecks

On ‘Shipwreck’ Beaches from Lanai to Zakynthos, you’ll find visitors staring quietly out to sea, imagining what life must have been like on these rusted-out skeletons before they were run aground or abandoned. And what to make of the hundreds of ships that have found their end in Australia’s treacherous

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23 Apr 2021

Maple Syrup Sweets

Butterscotch Bread. Sour Cream Banana Cake. Lemon Cream Sherbet. Oatmeal Crinkles. Party Crackers. Perkins. These are a few of the sweet recipes you’ll find in the 1944 Canadian Favourites Cookbook, courtesy of all those who ‘so eagerly and splendidly co-operated in submitting their choicest and many-times tested recipes.’ The authors

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20 Apr 2021

Bisa Butler Portraits

“History is the story of men and women,” says the wonderfully talented artist, Bisa Butler, “but the narrative is controlled by those who hold the pen.” “In my work, I am telling the story – the African American side – of the American life.” Butler’s remarkable exhibit – ‘Bisa Butler:

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