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14 Feb 2021

Love @ The Met

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating loved ones, or gnashing your teeth about smug couples and surge price candies,  New York’s Metropolitan Museum has art to match. Here’s a sampling. Of Love Mars and Venus United by Love. Paolo Veronese. 1570s . The Power of Love in the Three Elements. 1809 . Young

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12 Feb 2021

Raspberry Inspiration

Happy Lunar New Year! As we welcome the Year of the Ox in the same week that we celebrate Valentines Day, many of our houses are festooned in red. And, many of us are looking forward to ringing in the weekend with sweets and treats. Popular Vancouver chocolatier, Gem Chocolates,

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09 Feb 2021

Chipping Out David

Most of the Italian Renaissance sculptors would create sample models first. It is not until they were satisfied with their prototypes that they would set into the unforgiving marble. Michelangelo, once again, stood apart. In creating David, he started chipping at the Carrara marble right away. And this was a twice

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07 Feb 2021

Dial A Poem

Poetry is back. None rang the bell louder than Amanda Gorman – 2021 Inauguration poet, scheduled to perform today at the Super Bowl. . . Now, Vancouver is stanza-ready with its latest arts offering: Poetry Phone. In this 2021 initiative launched by the DVBIA, any of us can call 1.833.POEMS.

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