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27 Nov 2020

Goh Ballet + Nutcracker 2020

Every December, families crowd downtown to watch the Goh Ballet’s wonderful production of The Nutcracker. It’s a professional showing that brings together Goh Academy protégées and Principal Dancers from professional, international ballet companies.. Vancouver’s Goh Ballet was founded in 1979 by Choo Chiat Goh and Lin Yee Goh, both originally

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25 Nov 2020

Candy Land

All the planning in the world won’t help you in Candy Land. Win, lose – your fate lies in the shuffling of the deck, and the luck of the draw. But, as you drift down the rainbow road, you’ll find yourself in delicious worlds like Peppermint Forest,  Gumdrop Mountain, Princess

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22 Nov 2020

Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya

If you’re looking for a new museum to discover online, check out the Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya. Located in Barcelona, El Museu is housed in the Palau Nacional of Montjuïc, built in 1929 for the International Exposition. Online, you can learn more about el Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya’s

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19 Nov 2020

Andre Petterson’s Clime

i. I am: a multi discipline artist who works with photographs, paint, assemblage, sculpture.   ii. On a ‘typical’ day during pandemic life, you’ll find me: Juggling activities such as painting the entire main floor of our house and making art. Being busy is good.   iii. Some shows, books

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