19 Nov 2021

Steven Shearer

“In general I don’t like to talk about my work.”  So said internationally acclaimed Vancouver artist Steven Shearer in a 2011 interview. “The reason I started making art in the first place,” Shearer continued, “is because it’s a solitary experience, a way of passing time alone. Obviously, it’s all dependent

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17 Nov 2021

Spanish Banks, MOA, Botanicals

i. To start the post-breakfast day, grab caffeine from the coffee or tea shop just down the street from wherever you’re starting in Vancouver. Head to Spanish Banks Beach for a walk along the ocean and a view over the water to West Vancouver. Rain or shine, Spanish Banks will

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16 Nov 2021

Day Tripping

In this new Day Out section, we will be looking for fun jaunts in and around Vancouver. For each, we will work to include: a) gorgeous outdoor elements, b) nearby, non-sponsored food options and, of course, c) exposure to the work of local creators and exhibitors. . .

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14 Nov 2021

Ginger Sedlarova. The Viola Player

i. My Name: Ginger Sedlarova ii. I am a: Collage artist iii. The name of this series of work: The Viola Player iv. Four key words you would use to describe the series: Playful, emotional, colourful, musical v. What inspired this work? My wonderful father-in-law, Hans-Karl Piltz, who passed away

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12 Nov 2021

Eastside Culture Crawl. Tiffany Blaise

The Annual Eastside Culture Crawl starts tomorrow – this weekend by appointment, November 18th to 21st with safety-compliant, open studios. Now in its incredible 25th year, this year’s Crawl features more than 400 artists over 60 buildings. 25th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl . We’re delighted to talk to one of

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