Paul Morstad Q/A

Paul Morstad is a Vancouver painter and illustrator who likes to blend the natural sciences, history and magic realism in his work. His next show will be Planetoids, Asteroids, Humanoids at Gallery Jones, running November 2nd – 26th, 2016. The opening will be on Saturday, November 4th from 2-6pm.

How does Morstad spend his time in Vancouver?

1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired.
Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC

2. Best place for people watching.
MacLean Park, especially the older Cantonese women.

3. Someone from Vancouver – alive or passed – who inspires me.
Toss up between Margaret Lawrence and Malcolm Lowry.

4. If you want great pictures of Vancouver, go to:

5. If Vancouver were an animal, it would be:
Grey Whale

Dong-Fang-Hong-I-webDong Fang Hong. 2016

6. A sound I associate with Vancouver.
9 O’clock gun

7. A pleasant smell I associate with Vancouver.
Phở cooking in the alleys

8. Food and/or drink that reminds me of Vancouver.

9. Particularly great show, of any kind, that I have seen in Vancouver.
Los Carpinteros (Cuban Art collective) at the Belkin in 1997

10. Favourite place to travel if I want to be creatively inspired.


Mercury02-webMercury Transit. 2016

For more on Paul Marstad, see his Creators Vancouver profile:

Paul Morstad Profile

And his own website:

Paul Morstad’s Website

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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