Peach Pie, Please

What is your favourite type of pie?

It is a tough question at the best of times. The answer was ‘apple’ in a onepoll survey of 2000 people in the UK. And the pie pie chart from another poll reveals:


The pie dilemma hits hard when you go to Aphrodite’s Pie Shop on 4th near Alma. The pies are organic, so this is already a virtuous outing. But, will it be their Chocolate Banana Cream? Cherry? Lemon Meringue? Raspberry Rhubarb?

As you wrangle with the Great Pie Decision, you might notice tiny figures ever so slightly judging you from their perch on the ceiling. These characterful piñata people are the work of Meaghan Kennedy from Your Piñata. Muppets, maestros and carrot-wielding Hufflepuffs spin and dance above you as the wind blows through.

group shotpie guy

Aphrodite’s Pie Shop is owned by Peggy Vogler, who took over the business after her founder father, Allan Christian, passed away in 2008. Christian was inspired to open Aphrodite’s when he was living and working amidst gorgeous organic fruits at Glen Valley Organic farm. He was also looking for a way to support farmers.

“He decided that he wanted to bring that to the city and came up with the idea of having an organic pie shop,” says Vogler. “So, we all thought he was a little bit crazy, but this is what’s become of it.” Christian saw that “farm-fresh, organic, local was the way to go.”

Working behind the scenes at Aphrodite is Pastry Chef Alexandra Heidl and her busy baking team. Speaking of pastry: time for the Great Pie Decision. After much apple versus cherry ado, we veer to peach. These lovely Okanagan fruits will soon reach the end of their season.

pie uncutpeach pie cut

We cut in and, as expected, the pie is delicious. The crust is light and flaky. Most striking is how unaltered and fresh the peach filling tastes. This is farm to table; Allan Christian would be proud.

peach pie pleasure

If you want to learn more about the piñata pie people, check out our profile of their creator, Meaghan Kennedy.

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