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The Vancouver International Jazz Festival may be in its 35th year, but the “all this” of 2021 demands a new approach. The result? The Festival – which runs from June 25th to July 4th – will feature more than 100 Streamed Concerts. You’ll find ticketed and free performances streaming from venues like: Performance Works, Frankie’s Jazz Club, The Ironworks.

For instance, Tonye Aganabe – whom we were pleased to profile in 2018 – will be performing with her band at 8pm on Wednesday, June 3oth at Performance Works. Tonye Aganaba ProfileTonye Aganaba @ The Jazz Festival

We can also watch concerts streaming from Pyatt Hall: a beautifully designed, ‘acoustically and vibrationally isolated’ space located in the VSO School of Music on Seymour Street. The Pyatt Hall roster includes Katherine Penfold – a dynamic Canadian performer who both wins awards with her songwriting and captivates audiences with her performances. Penfold – who studied classical piano and jazz at Brandon University in Manitoba – continues to perform her own songs and cover beloved others.

One of Penfolds favourites? Roberta Flack’s ‘Feel Like Making Love’. ‘I’m obsessed with the beat and how it encapsulates everything,’ Penfold writes. ‘The song isn’t so much about having sex as it is about all of the things around the subject. You’re in the restaurant, holding hands, walking side-by-side, and all of it. When I first heard ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’ forever ago, the image really spoke to me.’



Katherine Penfold’s debut album, Sweetest Thing, was released in 2019. She is scheduled to perform on June 26th, 7pm at the 2021 Jazz Festival, with streaming tickets priced at $11. See more about her Pyatt Hall concert and the rest of the Jazz Festival lineup here: Penfold @ Jazz Festival


Header Photo by Lindyn Williams


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