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There can be no doubt. November and December are officially high season for pop-ups. Local artisans are hunting down empty retail spaces and short-term tricking them out with their wares.

Duelling Brits offer official definitions:

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Google reflects the November/December spike:

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The Centre For Economics and Business Research recently polled 2,000 consumers in the UK. People do indeed value the uniqueness of pop-up shops and shopping local.

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65% of consumers say they would visit pop-up shops more frequently if they could find them easily. 45% want to be able to pay by debit or credit card. Mobile payment systems, like Square, have been a boon here.

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Researchers found that 29% of those who were planning to launch their own businesses were going to test the market first with pop-up shops.

These artisans and entrepreneurs were going to build pop-ups focused on:
1. Food – 30%
2. Coffee or Cocktails – 18%
3. Arts & Crafts – 15%
4. Fashion – 12%
5. Jewellery & Handbags – 11%

Local jewellery designer Anne Carson has been busy on the pop-up circuit this holiday season.


In late November, she was part of Designer Collective’s Local pop-up shop that included painter Tanja Gardner Thomas, Botany Living, G Ceramics & Co and Sass Designs.

This past weekend, Carson was at 1st and Chestnut with painter Donna Tangye, who realized her love for painting two years ago at a painting party. The third member of the pop-up was art photographer Robert Charles, who showed a lovely mix of city streets, abstracts and religious iconography.

Even in the face of Saturday’s sheet rain and umbrella-decimating winds, people were dropping by to cruise the walls and try on baubles.


“I like doing pop ups,” says Carson, “because it connects me not only to my customers, but to a larger community of artists. Since I work alone a lot, it is a great treat to experience the lovely energy of being together with other artists. I am always inspired by them.”


Keep your eye out for Vancouver creators who might be hosting holiday pop-ups in your neighbourhood! In the meantime, you can learn more about Anne Carson and the creative life she leads at her Granville Island houseboat studio.

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Written by Elizabeth Newton

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