Which Vancouver-born actor can be found in a red and black full-body tactical suit when he’s not trolling his favourite van der Woodsen and her traveling town pants?

It’s Ryan Reynolds, of course, whose BC-filmed Deadpool 2 is now into the hundreds of millions.

Reynolds can celebrate with a Rye ‘N Reynolds, one of the imaginative offerings from Creative Beverage Director Grant Sceney at Botanist Restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel. The Rye ‘N Reynolds is comprised of Rye, Cognac, Cascara, Nectarine Oils and House Fermented Reynolds Bitters.

Botanist, which opened in 2017, is rooted in the flora of the Pacific Northwest. You’ll enjoy your botanical libations in a particularly beautiful setting. Its plant-wrapped rooms were designed by Ste. Marie Design and Glasfurd & Walker.

Lord of the Rings fans might enjoy the Treebeard: Douglas Fir, Gin, Oaked Rye, Cedar, Birch Sap and Alderwood Smoked Tea. It’s ‘the shepherd of trees…Tall, gentle yet stiff limbed.’ If Game of Thrones is more your thing, try the Garden of Quarth crafted from Mezcal, Verde Cordial, Lime, Fennel, Ricard and Sparkling Water.


If your WTF skews sophisticated, try What the Flower with its Gin, Electric Daisies, Cherry Blossom Tea, Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom. When you’re feeling fancy, splurge on a particularly unique creation from the Cocktail Lab: Deep Cove, Pretty Bird or Candy Cap Magic crafted from Mushroom Rye, Vermouth, Spiced Maple and Forest Moss.

Oh, and they have some rather delicious, plant-inspired food too.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header Photo: Jeffrey Betts


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton