Popping The Question In Vancouver

Vancouver ranks #11 in most popular cities for Instagrammers to propose. This according to the UK’s Ingle & Rhode analysis of proposal hashtags and 250,000 photos.

#Best Cities For Proposals
1.New York
2. L.A.
3. Seattle
4. Miami
5. Chicago
6. Toronto
7. London
8. San Diego
9. Orlando
10. Sydney

11. Vancouver
12. San Francisco
13. Las Vegas
14. Atlanta
15. Paris
16. Washington, DC
17. Dubai
18. Philadelphia
19. Singapore
20. Honolulu

Here, in our fair city, there are plenty of gorgeous places to propose: one of the mountains – Grouse, Cypress, one of the beaches – Jericho, Second, Ambleside. There are paddle boards, kayaks, sailboats. For a little extra adrenaline, there is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. There are the Parks – Stanley, Queen Elizabeth, UBC Botanical, Van Dusen, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Whytecliff, Lighthouse. Try the Sea Wall, if you’re not sure how long it will take you to work up the nerve. Or the 9 o’clock gun if you’re a precision performer.

This short from talented Vancouver filmmaker Joel Schat might give you some other proposal ideas.

Since 2005, men and women packing rings have also been sneaking down to Dennis Oppenheim’s Engagement sculpture. Given the two giant giveaway rings – 3501 pounds of plexiglass, rolled steel, aluminum, electrical lights and paint – proposers have to master the poker face as they head to Huntington Meadow in Sunset Beach Park, a few minutes east of the heart of English Bay.

Conceptual artist Oppenheim, who passed away in 2011, was born in Electric City, Washington and lived in New York City. One version of his Pop Art style, giant ‘diamond’ rings stood north of New York’s Flatiron Building for six months. Other versions have been displayed around the world, from San Diego, California to Ruoholahti, Finland.

The artist didn’t like to over-analyze his works in public, preferring to leave that to the viewer. Most do note that the rings are leaning away from each other slightly.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header Image: Édouard Manet. Boating. 1874


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