Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

Once more than five flowers on the special Somei Yoshino trees have bloomed, the Tokyo Meteorological Agency declares the official start of cherry blossom season. In normal years, visitors crowd into Japan to celebrate the beauty of the sakura first-hand.

To mark the 2018 sakura season, Legoland Japan hosted a Guinness World Record-settting LEGO cherry blossom tree, built from more than 800,000 bricks and measuring 14 ft 4 in tall, 17 ft 9 in long and 16 ft 2 in wide.

The extravagant cherry blossom season we enjoy in Vancouver was sparked by generous gifts from Japan. In the 1930’s, the mayors of Yokohama and Kobe gave the Vancouver Parks Board 500 cherry blossom trees to honour Japanese Canadians who served in World War II. They were to be planted at the Japanese cenotaph in Stanley Park. In 1958, Muneo Tanabe, the Japanese consul, donated 300 trees to Vancouver to celebrate the friendship between our two countries.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – which usually runs live in April – is our annual celebration of the sakura. The Honourable Dr. David C. Lam was a key benefactor behind the festival, and a grove has been planted at VanDusen Botanical Garden to honour him.

In 2021, the Cherry Blossom Festival will feature new ways to enjoy the blossoms – from home, or on individually directed walks. In late April, Chief Drone Pilot Patrick Weir and Peacemaker Films will present In Full Bloom, a cinematic short to be viewed online.

‘Imagine yourself strolling along a pathway with a cherry blossom canopy, in full bloom,’ we read of the film. ‘The colour, the wonder, and the connection we feel slow our pace as we become lost in thought. It’s late afternoon on a beautiful Vancouver day, the birds are singing, and mother nature shows us her glorious sunset amongst the cherry blossom trees. What was a stroll, has elevated into flight as if we are lifted off our feet and we are now floating amongst the blossoms and slowly soaring through the branches bursting with flowers.’

As we await ‘In Full Bloom’, here’s a ‘Cherry Blossom Blast Video’ from Weir.



VCBF Cherry Blossoms Blooming Maps

Header Photo: Tomoko Uji


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