Salted Rose Caramel Cardamom Hot Chocolate

For all those who agonize over which flowers to put in this corsage or that bouquet, the Victorians offer guidance. Inspired by floral symbolism in Turkey, Queen Victoria’s charges created book after book outlining the Language of Flowers.

In her 2011 recreation of these early guides – A Victorian Flower Dictionary – Mandy Kirby includes the various meanings ascribed to roses.

White Rose = A Heart Unacquainted With Love
Pink = Grace
Pale Peach = Modesty
Burgundy = Unconscious Beauty
Moss = Confession of Love
Red = Love
Purple = Enchantment
Orange = Fascination
Yellow = Infidelity

I’m not sure what meaning the Victorians would have ascribed to Salted Caramel roses. But, after drinking Koko Monk’s Dark Hot Chocolate with Salted Rose Caramel and Cardamom, we’ll have to start gathering some suitably fawning adjectives.

Created from Vegan Coconut Milk, this rich, European-style hot chocolate starts with Koko Monk’s Authentic Hot Chocolate crafted from 74% Venezuelan Trinitario cacao, herbs, spices, and a dash of orange zest. Some of us – ahem – might have returned the next day for seconds.

The ‘Cosmic Rose’ was just one of a long list of dark and white chocolate drinks available, hot or iced. And it would be a shame to leave without some bonbons: Balsalmic vinegar caramel with sea salt, Blue cheese and candied pear, Applewood smoked chocolate with raspberry and scotch?

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header: Queen Victoria’s Coronation. Edmund Thomas Parris. 1838



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