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Our magazine is designed to celebrate the unique creativity of Vancouver: People, Places and Sweets.

Shows: Creators Vancouver highlights artists and performers of all stripes and their upcoming shows.
Places: We discover the inspiring people behind Vancouver sites and events.
Day Out: In this new section, we’ll be exploring different ‘days out’ in Vancouver, all of which will include the work of local creators – be it through art offerings, sweet and savory treats …


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: As we dive deep into social distancing, Creators Vancouver will be looking across the web for interactive or ‘live’ streaming arts experiences we can enjoy from home and for new ways to celebrate the global artists who so colour our lives.

We are delighted to have won two W3 awards for writing and Webby Award Honoree status.r par



Founder: Elizabeth Newton
As someone who was raised in an arts-filled home in Vancouver, I love poking about the nooks and crannies, looking for new creative voices and learning more about those who have already made their mark.

My own most serious creative outlets are in music and writing:  magazines, newspapers, Just Curious.  Most important always has been time with my family who continue to inspire me with their wildly diverse creative pursuits.


Independent Opinions
We keep our eyes peeled for people and places that strike us as interesting. We don’t receive any subject compensation for writing our articles.